Add a server setting to disallow private messages to users


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  • ||Jojo||
    I think the author of this suggestion means global for all users, because this is still a complication on big servers.
  • nnnik

    Each server should be able to manage their own verification system. There is not a single good reason why you cannot make a friend request to talk via dm - this is always possible. Yet it often happens that bots or malicious users join and send bad messages via dm. A time delay would do exactly nothing as the accounts can be prepared in advance. There has to be a way for server owners to regulate that and protect their members. Role permissions would work extremely well in my opinion.

  • Kefka

    This would be amazing as a role permission. Discord is having more and more issues with DM spammers and spambots. A role persmission for sending DMs to other server members would fix the issue completely.

  • bastet_of_orion
    I think having this as a role permission is a great idea, especially if a levelling system is ever natively implemented.

    We are having similar issues, users receiving discord invites DMs, which leads our most naive and unsuspecting users to get "recruited" and brainwashed in hostile communities.

    We may have to shut down our discord server if this issue isn't fixed.

  • HG

    As long as users can toggle DMs back on just for themselves, I am fine with this.

  • Kefka

    HG's comment is why I feel it should be a role permission and not a server-wide permission. This way you can give the permission back to users after they validate to confirm they are not a bot. A server perm would simply be allow or dont. No control.

    Its also worth noting that this would only stop you from sending DMs to other members of that server only (unless the 2 users also share another server that does allow it). It wont prevent users from sending DMs at all or anything like that. You could ALWAYS bypass this proposed permission by adding each other as friends, too.

  • TitanicFreak

    As an owner of an 11,000 member discord and growing, this would greatly help everyone in our server and myself.


    Time and time again bots abuse the fact if you join a server you can message just about everyone on the server and spam them with invite links. Disabling open DMs by default would put a stop to ALL of this as the only current solution is to kick the bots before they can message anyone.


    Reporting these users to discord trust and safety does work, but it's a painfully slow process and only prevents them from focusing on more serious issues.



  • Cap'n Odin

    The way it is right now the only defense a server has against transgressions in pm, like gore or other nsfw images as well as phishing attacks, is to kick all new accounts the moment they join.

    This cannot go on any longer, larger communities are at their breaking point.

    I understand that allowing the users control of this seemed like a good idea when you first started working on Discord but there are unforeseen victims of this choice both users are effected as well as moderators.

    The best solution is to make this a role permission, this is literally the last unfixed security hole that allows spammers to do as they please.

    We have no means to keep growing while keeping our users safe.

  • Stormkyleis

    This is an absolute necessity.

    We don't have enough moderation tools to protect our users, in general.

  • Kefka


    Your method will not work. Simple verification methods, such as a reaction, typing a command, etc, are static and can easily be automated. I have personally had this issue and ended up basically playing cat and mouse with the spambots.

    On top of that, simply denying view permissions to a channel will NOT stop a bot from seeing the users on that server. If you don't believe me, set up a server as you described, then press ctrl+k to bring up the search box, and search for a user on the server that you shouldn't be able to see. You'll notice you can find them, no problem. Selfbots can do anything a user can, so they have access to this feature as well.

    Here is a WORKING method to stop DM spambots:

    - invite the bot yagpdb, or any other which can achieve the same results.
    - enable yag's built in verification module, which uses google reCAPTCHA and is quite difficult to automate.
    - set up permissions so that users do not have permissions until after they get the verified role from the verification, similar to what Ehi described above.
    - set up a welcome channel for unverified users, but do not let them chat in it. Instead, use it to instruct them how to verify, which discord settings to enable to recieve the bot's dm, troubleshooting, etc.
    - set the autokick timer for yag varification to 9 min or less, so that users will be kicked from the server if they do not verify within 9 min.
    - set the autokick message to explain to the user why they were kicked and how to join correctly.
    - make absolutely sure users recieve no roles until AFTER they verify.
    - finally, set your server moderation settings (in discord) to "table flip" mode.

    This will prevent new users from talking OR STARTING NEW DM CONVERSATIONS until they recieve a role (verify) or until 10 min has passed. Since they will be kicked after 9 min of not verifying, it will be impossible for them to chat or open new DMs until they verify. When they verify, they are given a role, which will allow them to chat right away without waiting the full 10 min. When I first posted here forever ago, I was getting HUNDREDS of dm spambots a day. Since setting this up, I get zero.

  • Ms.C

    Please add this. I teach at a small high school, and we would love to use discord for distance learning. However, we need to have more control over students sending each other DMs, and student/teacher DMs - having the ability to disable DM's in the server, or make it role-specific, would be ideal. Has this been implemented in any way?

  • ._.

    On a server with more than 100,000 users, 3,000 spam accounts per day send DM spam attacks and leave the server.
    Even if you check the log with the bot and block all 3,000 spam accounts, the next day, another 3,000 spam accounts enter the server and repeat DM spam attacks.
    Only blocked accounts reach 10,000.
    Users leave the server swearing or protesting against the server.

    Discord can create spam accounts so easily, and even if you keep blocking them, they keep coming in like zombies.
    The server verification level is high and the welcome screen is also active.
    It would be nice to have a captcha on the welcome screen.

    I don't know why this is delayed for 3 years.
    Even if I send a spam inquiry to the Discord customer center, there is no response.

  • BaK

    So much crap to try get rid of the scamming and spamming bots when all that's needed is an option for the servers to make clients BY DEFAULT block direct messaging for the individual server, an option any user can easily opt out of.


    Its so mind blowingly easy and obvious it's like discord doesn't want to tackle the spam bots because it adds to thier user count so significantly. 

  • Jordi

    In my opinion it is CRITICAL this is a role based permission. Can someone from Discord clarify what is the plan please? thanks

  • Risky

    Also disabling DM from servers is a user-side so each user has to do it on his own, but users do not listen to me while i want to protect them..

  • Raj

    This is something that's 100% needed for any large gaming community. A lot of smaller gaming communities tend to spam the larger ones to advertise themselves in an attempt to grow. I'm honestly surprised that there's no sort of default toggle feature to disable open PMs between server members, as botting is becoming more and more common as time goes by.


    While it won't stop 100% of the bot attacks (As bots can still spam text channels or add users to spam them then), it would stop a large majority of them, which is still better than nothing.

  • SirKillian

    I support a "fix" for this.
    Yesterday over 300 bots joined our server all with the "in new to discord. Say hi!" One account every 1-3 minutes for a duration of 12 hours straight...

  • ShotGun

    Great! Agree, I am sick about advertising.

  • Maximvdw

    This should be a top priority

  • Rob

    This should be implemented in 2 ways.  One is a role based permission ie "Give this user the ability to DM members of this server" and also an individual setting, ie in the "Server - Notification Settings" ie Prevent users from this Server to PM me".  The second setting is in case a server owner does not enable the first setting on their server 9ie allows DMs to non friends), but I can override this myself by blocking the server myself.  In either case, being friends with the person would override this setting.

  • alwaystired

    Here's another reason for it:

    I found myself in the role of admin for a discord community centered around an online college. They lack an official chatroom.

    I'd like to be able to set it up so that if they aren't on each others friends list, and don't share any other servers, and our server is the only server they have in common, then they can't DM each other.

    Why? because then we can say to our college: "we can 100% guarantee that academic dishonesty and plagiarism does not occur over our server."

  • 𝙼𝚘Ⓐ 𝑀𝑜𝓇𝒶𝓃

    make the server option to change the default value of this for new users


    We are asking for a group permission setting.

    Target of DM spammers are large servers, so large server owners should be allowed to disable DM permission in their server depending on the user group. For example disable DM for users without role.


  • brenny

    100% on board. Would be nice to not have a bot spamming my pms.

  • hallowqueen

    I agree 100%, it'd solve a lot of issues, while still allowing contact with specific members via DMs, if needed. 

  • SomeCatIDK

    I've been moderating a verified Discord guild with ~9k members for quite some time now.

    One of our biggest issues are these spam bots; moreover, we mostly encounter people sending links to "pay for sex in your local area" sites which is not great considering our community is for a game targeting a younger audience and also technically advertising an activity that is illegal in the US and most countries.

    I would love to see a system where they can only people if they have a role in the mutual guild or are friended, since we have a OAuth2 verification system that tracks connected accounts for roles/ban evasion purposes.

  • Selfoccate

    Totally agree, sick of people advertising their servers in my DMs

  • Death

    Great idea! Please add this feature!

  • ObiOneStenobi

    Please implement this!


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