Direct Message User Limit Increase


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  • Octahedron

    Damn, I have a similar situation where we want to be able to call at the same time and I really hope they look into this.

  • 小喵

    This needs to be added.

  • Raja


  • ahmad

    Agree. Or just add a new type of channel that is video channel in servers

  • Ian 屮

    Please this

  • Talha7680

    Just make a server, dude.

  • Bicren ♪

    Thats actually a good idea...some of the talking are probably private, and the whole server should now see it

  • Isabel
    This is absolutely necessary. Is a good feature to be added if you just want a small temporary group where you don't want to have to fiddle with permissions too much. In my opinion, 10 is too small for a small group.
  • R..

    Video call for 10+ people would be really great though for big friend groups who want to call and maybe see the others' faces or use screen share to watch someone play a game/play a game interactively with the rest without anyone needing to stream it

  • europeanlass

    Seconding this, especially for the increase of available pins!

  • Xx_SuPeRsLaYeR_xX

    any more and it starts getting hard to manage, which is why you can't have more than 10 

  • PF1MIL

    Considering that Skype has had 25-member groups for years, this seems like a no-brainer.

  • EverVigilantOne

    agree 100%.  video chat groups should also be increased though


  • jdsyke

    I have the same problem :(.  Would REALLY like to see this implemented.  One of the only features I can think of that Skype had and Discord doesn't.  :/

  • jdsyke

    Also, just realized that there are several suggestions with a similar amount or even fewer upvotes that have been implemented.  It sucks not being able to have everyone in a group DM :(

  • Anequit

    Make an actual discord, so that you can go up to thousands.

  • Ancient Entity

    The main problem is screen sharing with 15-20 people will use a lot of resources which could be a problem for discord but also a bigger problem for the users who are recieving the data as a very fast connection would be required.

  • username
    I think they should just raise the limit for everyone
  • UserOfTheName

    yea in my friend group we have to add and remove people on the daily because non of us like the fact that you can't ring people or screen share on servers 

  • sushiwich

    This would be an amazing feature, in my group chat we're constantly removing someone every time we need to add someone else, and more slots would let everyone be able to be in the chat at the same time

  • index.ts
    Just make a server and you can have unlimited people, roles, multiple channels, etc.
  • minininja6806

    Please discord, when people don’t wanna make another server and you can’t join the group chat because the people limit has been reached just sucks and makes you unhappy

  • mesub
    It can be increased, however somebody will be bound to say add bots, channels and user permissions which is what a server is for.
  • GrifGrif
    Wee need to add limit for example : User is friend so he can send a 5k limit, user is non friend but they talk so he can send 3k and a new user can only send 1k caracters
  • Martin

    That could be some Nitro advantages tho

  • thetechguy
    go live is an expiremental feature. it lets you have video channels in discord servers. just create a server for your group.
  • thetechguy
    discord we need this.
  • JustKalla

    Yes please so we dont have to keep replacing people


  • index.ts
    I see why this could be helpful, but if you have >10 people in a group, you might as well just make a server. Servers are way more customizable and have way more features than group dm.
  • Temm

    Please yes. Our Minecraft Modpack needs over 10 members and a server is overkill as we would only have one text and one voice channel.


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