Direct Message User Limit Increase


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  • Aztek

    Groups are better though

  • Spidey
    yeah, we need larger groups. 10 member is smaill for everyone
  • lumb'er
    its ok.
  • Amber Cyprian

    Would also like to second this as 15 is just right. I don't want to make another server for just one text channel where permissions aren't needed. Wouldn't likely need the whole 15 slots, as I personally just need 12, but 15 is a nice round number.

  • Juan/Junki

    I agree that this is a much needed feature, but I think it would be better to have it default at 10, but there could be an option to adjust the size of the group (similar to the option on voice chats in public servers) up to 25 or whatever else could be a good hard-limit. And if the UI gets too cluttered in the top right (which is where I think it would be added if it was) maybe having a small settings dialog for the chat size, invite links, notification settings, group picture and group title.

    To the people saying that with more than 10 people its better to make a server, I disagree since some people (myself included) use group chats to chat with an extended friend group with the same interests (friends & friends-of-friends) and it's just more convenient and simple to have one room for chatting, calling, and screen-sharing, which it just isn't worth making a whole server for.

  • poke

    i think this would also be a really good idea

  • rabbit

    i too think this would be a good addition

  • RAC

    Yeahلااش شىس ىسش

  • 1024

    Would be pretty useful in my opinion

  • frealeo


  • BIЯG


  • We should make it that only the Owner of Private group chats can change the name.

  • Modeast


  • charitwo
    Yes please
  • dub

    idk why but groups are way more private imo. 

    group can share screen but server can't. Only the guys on pc that can also see my live. 

    the group limit should definitely be increased, At least 15.

    i feel bad when i kick my other friend just to invite another one.

    ok at least make that a feature for nitros man if u want

  • Yacine.

    Excellent idea, agree with you in this decision

  • The One True Ben

    i have more than 9 friends so yeah

  • soyombo

    I also wish they would increase max servers to 500. channels are, why can't servers be?

  • Conner

    yes this is quite frankly ridiculous, screen sharing / streaming feature in servers is bad and there's no point in having to create a whole extra server with different channels and things when we just want one chat that's right there and easy to screen share / call too. Its super frustrating to have to always add or remove people and every time chat tries to move to a server it either dies or just ends up moving back to the dm.


    +1 to increasing cap to 15


    It would be so nice please add :))

  • Tariyang

    It looks like this feedback has been around for a year and there are people who wants increase in DM size, are there any plans with this feedback implement?

    I don't check servers and I use DM as main communication with my friends, and to be frank, it is impossible to get hold of some of my friends through server because they are like me, who don't check servers and are more comfortable with DM to communicate. We do have a server where all of us are in it, we just prefer to use DM over server.

  • DreadoKing

    yes, please, discord increase the maximum number of people in a group, to 20 for example

  • markaudacity

    I don't even care whether there's video (honestly wtf how are you gonna do a 15-person video chat, that is chaos), but not being able to do a group DM of more than ten people is ridiculous. 

    Say I want to coordinate with folks about an event. There's no reason to add a channel to do that, it's temporary and adding roles is way too much work for something incidental like that. I should be able to talk to eleven people without setting up my own server.

    I realize Discord was originally a video and audio conferencing app, but people are using it as a replacement for Facebook Messenger and the like now, and there's some areas where it still needs to catch up.


  • Pecker

    Hello ??? Wake up discord and switch it to 15 .. stop being lazy .. there could be no negative effect if you kept the call limit to 10 but group limit to 15

  • Swaykip

    We should be able to increase it to 15. Just let this happen.

  • SayonAra♥

    Absolutely necessary. Most of my friends like joining one voice call and only use discord on mobile. Server UI on phone for servers can get a bit messy, especially if you haven't used discord before.

  • CrystalMoose

    Bump! 15 would be nice.

  • fisher989

    Can this be raised during the COVID-19 quarantines temporarily?

  • Melonah

    I would also like to either make bigger DM groups or bring the ability for multiple people to video chat in servers. I understand it would not be possible for large amounts of people to video chat at once, but perhaps just only let a certain amount of people share their cameras at once and let the rest just listen and speak. 

    If this was a Nitro feature (perhaps a server boost?), I wouldn't hesitate to get nitro.
  • ouiou

    any news about this one???? i also vote for having 15+ in group dm


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