Direct Message User Limit Increase


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  • frealeo


  • BIЯG


  • We should make it that only the Owner of Private group chats can change the name.

  • Modeast


  • charitwo
    Yes please
  • DreadoKing

    yes, please, discord increase the maximum number of people in a group, to 20 for example

  • Pecker

    Hello ??? Wake up discord and switch it to 15 .. stop being lazy .. there could be no negative effect if you kept the call limit to 10 but group limit to 15

  • Thorben

    The number of users in DMs should also be raised for voice calls - on a server you also can have much more, why not in DM-Groups?


    Raise the user limit for both to 50.

  • Tookbombbucks

    Please add. I just want 15 so there can be more friends in a DM.

  • danny.

    Saw this thread 2 years ago, still waiting :)) Especially now since me and my friend group can't meet in real life, We have this discord group (which is way easier to manage than a server bc calls and people who don't use it regularly) where I always have to kick some people out so we can have 10-people conversations etc and its really annoying

  • Catherine Khoo

    Has this being resolve yet, since it has been reported 2 yrs ago? We really need up to 20 if possible.

  • Goodbye

    This is needed

  • andy

    Please give nitro users this ability 

  • GameNOEL

    I agree, this HAS TO BE done! :D

  • dfu

    Just unlimit group DMs and hope the sociopaths don't add 300 members into a group DM

  • CombatSwift

    100% needs to be added. No clue why discord hasn't done this yet. They have been asked for this multiple times before. 

  • takemetothesky7


  • ToldFable

    pls we beg

  • GrifGrif
    Wee need to add limit for example : User is friend so he can send a 5k limit, user is non friend but they talk so he can send 3k and a new user can only send 1k caracters
  • QuestForYeezys

    At that point you should probably just make a server.

  • thetechguy
    go live is an expiremental feature. it lets you have video channels in discord servers. just create a server for your group.
  • Ben!
    Just make a server and you can have unlimited people, roles, multiple channels, etc.
  • Raja


  • Ancient Entity

    The main problem is screen sharing with 15-20 people will use a lot of resources which could be a problem for discord but also a bigger problem for the users who are recieving the data as a very fast connection would be required.

  • Ben!
    I see why this could be helpful, but if you have >10 people in a group, you might as well just make a server. Servers are way more customizable and have way more features than group dm.
  • mesub
    It can be increased, however somebody will be bound to say add bots, channels and user permissions which is what a server is for.
  • 255

    Make an actual discord, so that you can go up to thousands.

  • Xx_SuPeRsLaYeR_xX

    any more and it starts getting hard to manage, which is why you can't have more than 10 

  • Talha7680

    Just make a server, dude.


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