Busy Status Indicator


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  • Damaged

    Most bot bots can already do this—I know Red definitely supports status changing.

  • Aritel

    This would be indeed helpful.
    I'm currently working as a mod on a private server. And since I'm working a lot RL, too, it would be great to show people a status that let's them know "I'm currently busy, but I'll reply asap. Feel free to message me if you have questions."

    Online - totally here, will answer in a second

    Away - well, away from keyboard, probably not answering for an hour or two

    Busy - will answer as soon as possible, sitting at the keyboard

    Do not disturb - please don't message me, if you still do, I won't get a notification

    Invisible - you're not knowing I'm here, so you won't message me

  • Robzrapid

    I agree but the color should something like a lighter red or orange.

  • Forest_ranger23


  • i say it should be yellow because away is orange and lighter red would be hard to notice for a few


  • Sairam

    Looks like Nelly has suggested a lot of features?


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