Extended Audit Logs (Log Channel Moving, Who added what Bot, Who moved who, ect)


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  • cherryblossom

    Interestingly, the API docs for audit logs (https://discordapp.com/developers/docs/resources/audit-log#audit-log-change-object-audit-log-change-key) shows a key 'position' for 'text or voice channel positon changed'.

  • Tim The Bus Driver

    I think who added what bot is here it goes like user#7234 added SuperCoolBot#4969

  • Rukthor Brightax

    We need this in our beloved Discord

  • turret001

    we need this!!

  • Ichigo271

    As cherryblossom said, there's a change key in the API but i can't find it in my audit log change object.

  • hope

    Agreed, I would also like to know the content of messages deleted.

  • M_T

    Would be useful for tracking changes made to the welcome screen.
    There's no logging at all for it (not even on the API afaik)

  • Havier

    While bots can already do that, it should be implemented as bots aren't that reliable.

  • AreBy

    yes this is absolutely necessary

  • David Orson

    Guys, 3 years ago this was posted. By Nelly. This became an indication for "We know about this and we don't care, we won't be doing this anytime soon or probably ever". There are just so many such requests it became offensive to community.

  • Donovan_DMC

    > https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360029502492/comments/4408405745431


    Fun fact, it's a lot older, and the original forum post wasn't made by Nelly

    Everything on their old forum software was moved to the new software under the Nelly account, so it's just an extra middle finger that it's been sitting here for likely 4 or 5 years 


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