Be invisible on one server but online on another.


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  • BraveCrab

    Well... Sure, that would be comfortable for everyone, I think.

  • Kyōkinokami

    This would be an amazing feature to have for privacy.

  • yuu-draws

    I'm glad to see more people supporting this idea! All reasonable arguments for the implementation of this feature were already mentioned by other users, so I have nothing to add.👌👌

  • Splen

    Keeping this alive. I want this in N E X T . P A T C H.

  • Rix
    This seems fair
  • Gravy

    @EatThatPie I simply think you don't understand what's being asked here and that's ok! Sometimes in life, an issue will arise and the people (in chorus) will speak. If you don't understand the matter and are constantly getting down votes... maybe there is your answer. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but when you just don't get it... the opinion is null and void.

  • smallachloe

    It should have been setup this way from the start IMO. There are creepers out there.

  • jackalope

    especially since discord has all kinds of other info (gaming, spotify, whether you're on your phone) that only appears if you're visibly online this would be amazing. would also be nice to be able to set status per server in general (not just online/offline) so you'd come up busy in one server because you want to be available in another...

  • Willshire

    I'm a part of several discord communities, and being able to hide from some of them when I don't feel like playing with them would be lovely.  I've got close friends in one server, but they won't hit me up to play anything if I'm not "Online" and then I've got some other servers that'll bombard me soon as my icon turns green.  If I could pick and choose who can see me, it'd make my life way easier.  Please implement this!

  • MrHallows

    "Alert: Delayed Responses from our Support Team due to COVID-19"

    This suggestion was first posted a year ago and still has yet to receive a response from the devs. I completely understand that loads of requests and suggestions are made all the time and implementation takes time and effort, but as a hobbyist programmer myself, I really don't believe that this would take too much time or effort to implement. And to be frank, it's something that should have been implemented a long time ago. At its roots, this is a privacy issue, not just some aesthetic or "frosting on the cake" request. I really hope this gets some attention from the developers soon.

  • ActionBrother

    It is unbelievable that during these times they are promoting Discord to be able to stay in touch with colleagues, friends, etc. but you can not manage your status per server (or even per friend).

    My work asked my opinion about Discord and while I said it was good, I kept my mouth when they asked the question "Maybe we should use Discord?". I don't want them to know when and what games I play.

    It should be at least possible to hide your status and status message per server. I don't need a different status per server like offline, online and away, I just need the option for it to be visible or not.
    As for friends or individual people... I think it is possible too. Why would it work in a different way?

    You have a default status option for all the servers, friends and individual people (those who are not a friend), but you have to option to edit the status visibility for each and one of them separately.
    You can hide your status completely but it is also possible to just hide the status message ("Playing THE NAME OF A GAME"). This way you can choose who can see your status (visible or not) and who can see a more detailed status (what you are doing/playing/...).

    I think this possibly is a privacy problem and not only in these times. You have community servers with thousands of people and yet you are not able to hide your status for these servers. OK, they don't know you, but still... It can not be an excuse for not implementing this.

  • Guldan

    good thing this would be

  • lyds

    Yes please!!

  • Why isn't this a bloody feature yet?

    I run servers, help run servers, own/ run servers, sometimes on the same account.

    Please Add This!

    It wouldn't be hard. It's just a server individual choice, like the nickname feature. Except with this the end user would have absolute control over it. 

  • draghn

    I am also interested in this feature. My workplace management created a Discord server to game with coworkers. My issue is that I want to join, but also sometimes I don't want to advertise that I am on or which game that I am playing to the workplace server for a few reasons. I do not want to create another account just to use my browser to connect to the workplace Discord server.

  • micromashor

    I'd love to be able to show my game activity to my gaming servers, but hide it on my professional servers.

  • That does sound like a good idea, in the end you can play what ever you'd like or use any program. if not mentioned then no issues.

  • Drareg

    Up and +1

  • alexdolly

    p.s. It would be nice to have a "default" visibility setting in User Settings in case we want to automatically LurkMode in every new server, or in case we want to set it that way for the safety of our kids. Maybe also some buttons: [invisible all], [visible all], and [remove all overrides] in case we want to bulk-change our per-server options.

  • LuLuBlue

    We need this! Or at least I need this!

  • retroclass

    Please add this!

  • Please can this be implemented? it would help lots and lots.

  • NikkiNoodles

    Yussss.... I would love to ghost certain people or servers every once in a while.

  • CaptainChoke

    Make this happen please. Gotta ghost some servers when they're toxic but I want everyone else to know I'm alive.

  • 『Q』

    Yes, I really need this, it would help me with my privacy so much. <3 please add this 

  • Jim Harmon

    what annoys me is that you can't even invoke a second instance of the Discord app and sign into a different account. The only option is to use both the Discord app and the web page. You're totally screwed if you want to use a third account.without signing out of the other two (Family/Friends, Work/School, and Gaming accounts)

  • Alx

    Yes please!

    Would be very useful.

  • alexdolly

    LurkMode++ Make it happen!

  • D.Bro~

    How is this not a feature yet? Yes please!

  • pc23

    Yes please!!!!


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