Audit log if messages are deleted


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  • Arminus

    This should be a standard feature, you shouldn't need a 3rd party bot to have what would be considered a pretty normal audit trail anywhere else.

  • Melly

    Can someone tell me which bots can do this please

  • Jarin

    To all the people repeating "but that's the point of deleted messages!" - that shouldn't include moderators or admins. If someone is abusing the ability to delete posts, they should be able to track that. This should be a core feature like most other platforms that include user message deletion.

  • tt2468

    To add to this, it might be a good to be able to enable/disable what is logged in the audit log. This would be adjustable by users with manage server permissions. So as a server admin I would theoretically be able to set it to log deleted messages but not role assigning. Or maybe even some better filtering, like sorting logs by date or searching.

  • Bab

    Bots are cool and all but they're even more of a privacy issue than just flat out having the feature implemented in Discord.

    And to be clear - bots are a privacy issue because they can read your messages and are ran by a third party. And you don't know what they're doing with your data.

    Mods and admins being able to see self-deleted messages in the audit log, as well as messages moderators deleted from other people, isn't. If you're worried about them being able to see what you deleted, maybe find a different server with mods you trust (or make your own!) or don't type it there in the first place.

    I've often seen people use self-deletion as a way to remove insulting messages, ghost ping, and otherwise get around in-server rules. Us admins, as users on Discord, should absolutely be able to track this without third-party software, which is even more compromising than the feature itself. We're not asking for everyone in a server to be able to see this. Just people who, y'know, need to in order to keep servers safe and secure for their member users.

  • Rana

    Editing message result a (edited) tag, i wish we could click that to know all the previous versions of that message.
    Deleted messages should not disapear, it shouldbe replaced with (deleted), and show the history of what was in there when clicked. Atleast have a permission that can do that. It's important for admins and moderators.

  • Astigmatic

    My server has someone ghost pinging..

    This would be useful

  • Gikka218

    As I said in my original post: I’m aware there are bots for this, but in my opinion, this is just common sense as a moderating tool. It should be a feature in default Discord.

  • Underscore

    Agree ! Only bots do that and this is not always very easy to use them for that

  • Nathalie | LaDelicious | 38

    We have a server log that shows where en whom's message is deleted but not the one who did it. This would be a nice feature indeed. Does this exist and how do you add it? We have Dyno bot who logs it.

  • Amaroq the Kitsune

    I support this... and as someone who often accidentally deletes @everyones I send, or who quickly regrets sending an @here because I wrote and sent the message in haste, I completely understand why this suggestion can put a sour taste in some people's mouths, as I am more than not on both sides of this coin.

  • Zaone

    This a good idea to add. Especially if you need to check if a moderator in your server is just deleting messages to delete them for no reason what so ever. Sure, there are bots that do this but some people don't want to add bots to their server.

  • ZerMal.kzb />
    It is true that it would be practical especially in case of conflicts.
  • Fee

    Discord please, this would be so helpful! We need to be able to see if mods are abusing their ability to delete messages.
    To everyone saying "bots can do this", bots don't show WHO deleted the message, only that it was deleted.

  • Malkierian

    This is still a problem because bots only work so far back as they have a cache of the messages. Once a message is deleted on Discord's servers, there is no retrieving any information about it, bot or no. And we've never been able to tell who deleted the message. I have an ongoing deletion storm going on right now, and a person has deleted a hundred or more of their messages, but I can't see who, what, guess why, or anything, because the messages are too old to be cached by the bot. We need more detailed information in the deletion events, at the very least.

  • Uthael

    One of the main reasons my friends and I switched to Discord is that we can share sensitive information over Internet to each other and delete it without a trace once it's been read.

    If you add this feature, please make it optional for admins of a server to turn it off at-will.
    Edit: Channel-specific would be great.

  • Zacatero
    It's a good idea. And yeah bots can do it
  • B409

    Hey, Daisy. I don't know if you already got your answer but still: The bot is called Dyno bot. It shows the audit log, deleted messages (whose and in which channel) also edited messages(before and after, in which channel by whom).

  • Epsilon Rose

    A log for deleted messages would also be useful, for similar reasons.

  • thetechguy
    this is a good idea to keep everything safe in discord servers because right now people can just break the rules and delete the message or edit it.
  • thetechguy
    discord please we need this
  • DisgustingJam

    @Fee - Use a bot to see what was deleted. Match the timestamp to the audit logs of who deleted it. Job done.

    Maybe get admins you trust a bit more too?

  • Daem S.

    I don't really get why I mostly see people being adamant about  not wanting their messages not being logged in the audit log.  I do believe that deleting messages with no trace can be taken advantage of by anyone, and it can go more than just people hiding their petty insults and ghost pings, and your embarrassing RP messages mind you.  This should be a basic feature and a bot shouldn't even require this. And I say that if really needed be, omit the messages from the deleted content by default in the logs but can be reported to discord for Trust & Safety for further investigation so they can review what's really in the deleted message. Deleting messages permanently off the grid sounds stupid.


    You want total privacy, take it to DMs. That has been there for a reason.

  • Rana

    About the automated bot, basicly all discord feature can be done with bots, even the most basic features like permissions or taging groups. But putting everything as a bot, is like making another messenger inside a place holder, it's just against what discord is... I know features should stick to the most important and common but I don't expect a messenger that is supposed to be widely used to not have a way of auditing/log changes. It does log few things already.

  • Spork

    Bots such as, Unbelievaboat and dyno do so, and you can see who deleted it, what channel, and when.

  • ToxicMushroom

    true there are bots that do this

  • Mees

    Bots like logger have this feature already.

  • chloroform chloe

    As others have said bots do this. I don't see much use in Clyde(assuming you want the cuddly discord bot thats default to your guild) doing it, he's a bot too.

  • EpTrendy

    I spent hours on my discord server then it got nuked and I cant restore it anyone know how to restore???

  • snezhniy
    This is already a thing you can make through bots + I don't think this is a good idea at least because of privacy reasons.

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