Picarto integration


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  • Mateo

    Art is a valid community

  • DJDavid98

    This please

  • CensorRottie

    I'm in several discord servers dedicated to artists who stream on Picarto.tv and it's a bit unfair to not have the purple "streaming" status on them, I feel. Streamlabs has stepped up and now supports Picarto streamers, and I'd love to see this implemented in Discord as well.

  • dustfinity

    iirc they have a partnership with Twitch so they wont integrate this anytime soon, which sucks a lot id love it

  • Rinimint

    I think it's a great idea. Just today I sent a message to the official discord account to propose this idea. As an artist who is putting together his little art commune (a server) I would love that when he broadcasts on both Twitch and Picarto, the broadcast announcement comes out. Please, if they implement Picarto they would help another part of the commune that uses Discord as a work tool. ♥ 

  • Daarka

    Especially since Couchbot was taken permanently offline today, I'm really struggling to include Picarto on my servers. There just isn't a reliable and intuitive bot to incorporate stream notifications or anything of the sort, and it's so frustrating to have Discord not explore other platforms as, at the very least, a gesture of acknowledgement and respect for the art community that I think makes up a substantial percentage of its user base. 

    Please give some love to artists! Picarto integration is so long overdue.

  • Astonisher

    For real, Discord is run by furries, how is there not Picarto integration?!

  • Macley

    Tip: use premid, gives you integration with quite alot of services including picarto!

  • Creepaminer

    Same, ive been looking around and i cant find anything to use, especially because picarto's notifications dont want to work at all on my phone :/

  • Spiritkaiju

    been OVER 2 or 3 year ish and HAVEN'T SEE it happen or plan to do! PLEASE do it. This vote almost 5k. 

    like as Cmon. time to add Picarto.TV integration to Discord. like as Twitch did. It would HELPFUL alot Artists and their times! 

  • Om-Nyx

    As has been said, integration would be really helpful for Artists.

  • Foxy-Vixen

    It would really be great~ Got my like, upvote or whatever

  • Mishy

    I'm still hoping for this! Giving special Discord server roles to Picarto subscribers would be a huge plus for me. 

  • reyniewoop

    BUMP! That will be cool feature to have.


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