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  • Rocks the Squirrel

    Think there are many bots for a long time that already do that. Why would they need to integrate that?

  • The Rip

    because many use mobile so bots are not intuitive to most mobile users


  • Rocks the Squirrel

    Not sure how. Its all though commands anyone can use and used to have a bot that could do polls. Never seen a bot that a mobile user could not use.

  • nef

    What you're looking for mostly fits the soul meaning of specific Discord Bots, you can use those in the meantime. Also, video calls. Public video calls would prolly eat more bandwith and memory than 2 processes of google chrome. So connection seems like a flaw in ehre.

  • D

    You can utilize reactions as a poll as a workaround to a formal poll.

  • GibTreaty

    I would love to have the chat-tree feature. Was about to make a new post requesting it. Have channels either be set to use trees or regular linear chat. It'd help on discord servers that are all about helping people (like game dev servers). It would be nice to see someone that is asking for help and reply to them via a tree. You could stay focused on their issue and not have everyone else's questions fill up the screen. If someone else wants to jump in to help that person too, they can. You shouldn't have to exit the server and do a direct message to help that person.

  • r00ster

    I really think this is something that can be just fine done by bots. Especially because there are reactions which is just a perfect fit for polls. This really doesn't have to be integrated.

    The Rip
    because many use mobile so bots are not intuitive to most mobile user

    Well then bots should be made more intuitive to mobile users in general. I think this is a different topic.

  • collectedview

    Collecting that information and structuring it to be more precise, accountable and actionable would be amazing!

  • Balrog

    Would like to see this too, great idea! So many examples where it could be used




    And i would love to see something like doodle.com on discord

  • Benzine

    People saying there are bots or reactions kinda miss the point here I think. Having a workaround doesn't make a feature useless to add.
    On the bot side, it requires something external to discord developed and managed by people outside of Discord's dev team and therefore can break at any time or break tos and other things. Plus, it requires to actually go online and look for that perfect bot that'll do what you need and some people don't really want to deal with that.
    On the reaction side, I guess it work but I find it maybe a little less user friendly than a true poll made for it. You have to make sure people will only use the reactions you want and I can think of some case where it can be less practical to see if there are a lot of reactions around the ones used for polling.

    For those reasons, I think that having a dedicated polling feature would be nice and a good addition.

  • Rocks the Squirrel

    Then you got the fact that adding many unnecessary things to the code for Discord uses up more space and memory when running as people are already complaining about this and that. A bot would not be running off your nor Discord’s system so would be better. Minus well go back to Skype and all the errors they kept having after all there addons.

  • icph

    Thats what bots are for

  • sylveon

    Requiring a bot to do a small feature is stupid. I don't want to give a bot the ability to see everything I post in the server just for a poll, because I don't trust the owner of the bot.

  • The Rip

    no that is not what bots are for... discord needs to evolve to make added features not bot dependent. The appdev hours would be low for the ask of polling, but the risk of lending the feature to bots is high. discord is no longer just the gamers new TS or Vent.

  • ||Jojo||
    Bots are unofficial and managed by a dev or team of devs. That means to keep them online, maintenanced and compatible with futher versions of Discord (Gateway) depends on the dev. If a feature/suggestion get implemented by the Discord Staff, means voting functionality is not depended on one dev anymore. Another reason would be that it can be more implemented into the Interface, like a real button instead of reactions or an interactive pie chart inside the chat and so on.
  • rushly

    This would be really helpful as it would prevent users from voting on two or more things... bored of people who do that.. Looking forward into it...

  • r00ster

    what? It's more than easy to just ignore the duplicate votes

  • Handmeat

    This is built in on groupme, slack and others already. I'd also like to have the ability to create calendar .csv's or contact cards while I'm asking for things

  • Frosty
    Isn't it possible through bots... But it's a good idea though /shrug
  • Geode

    Polls seem like a really good idea, if you are a game developer, or artist, or someone who makes music, you can make a poll to see what people would like to see or hear. You can also use polls on big Discord servers where people can give responses to a poll about implementing something new for example.

    This seems like a really good idea to me. +1

  • Noxillio
    While this is already very possible through bots, I think it would look/feel better and easier to use if it was integrated with Discord.
  • GoRaptors



    Consider implementing polls for newbies plz & thx


    It would be greatly appreciated!

  • r00ster

    Polls are so easily done with bots especially because there are reactions which is a perfect fit for polls. It really does not need to be integrated.

    "While this is already very possible through bots, I think it would look/feel better and easier to use if it was integrated with Discord."

    Well that could be said for almost every bot feature.

  • EVAN
    We already have reactiona what's the point of adding polls? :)
  • Knight Viony

    Give me polls or my dog will cry :(

  • lengo
    This is a good idea, although can already be done with reactions.
  • Skwaleks
    My idea about this: /poll | gives an embed with the question and the options. It auto adds emoji number for each option. The poll will get an ID in the footer, /poll end will give an embed with the results. Needs to be an extra permission for roles 'Can create polls'
  • thetechguy
    idk why this is not a feature already. most chatting apps have this.
  • Dann™
    this is a good idea, although can already be done with reactions.

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