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  • radio-device

    For anyone landing here, there is a new project by the same people in development which is more convenient to use than the previous one. It is lacking some features currently, but if you only want voice chat overlay, then this might be the better option:


  • gabrielr

    @radio-device is it interactive?

  • lvminary | Nico

    Discover is a nice third-party solution. But I'd really prefer to get the official overlay for Linux. Please Discord devs! :(

  • The ways of having overlays on X11 are fairly well defined though I don't know what they are because I'm not experienced with X11. However on Wayland things get a little complicated. This is because different compositors implement different protocols. On wlroots based compositors the `zwlr_layer_shell_v1` protocol is used. The other main one is implemented by GNOME and i'm afirly sure is completely different. This likely means that 3 different ways of having an overlay would need to be implemented for Linux and other UNIX platforms. I'm aware that since discord uses Electron there a simple cross platform way of doing it but I am not an expert on that. 

  • Melon

    We have an overlay on android already why not hurry up and make one for linux? Why is it that discord releases ui updates but doesnt want to add new features which the community requests.

  • Android is totally different from desktop linux in userspace

  • Shadywack

    Not sure why this is such a dead thing for the Linux side. There are quite a few Valheim players that would really benefit from this.

  • Elevatorman

    It's dead because the developers aren't really paying attention to the Linux users cuz we're the minority.

  • Amdar

    I don't think so it could be so hard to implement it. Mumble has it but it's not so used than this sofware is. Its pity that the war of desktops at the moment windows OS is winning, but let Linux a few years and you will see.

  • That's what what everyone's been saying for the last 10 years. It's not happening anytime soon.

  • AO


  • Mister Blue

    As a Linux user, I'd like to say first of all I very much support this, and I think the idea has substantial support.

    However, I'd also like to say we should have some degree of patience with Discord in implementing this feature.  

    There are several configurations that need to be supported:
    X11 with compositor
    X11 without compositor

    In the future it might be necessary to support additional full-screen game setups.

    To support these multiple setups, an abstraction framework would need to be built.  It's not impossible, or even difficult.  However, this does mean a lot of debugging, especially under different setups.  Obviously there would be growing pains too.  I hope Discord's team understands that the Linux community tends to be quite tolerant to bugs so long as they acknowledge they exist and are making some attempt to address them.

  • NightEule5

    I just switched to Manjaro w/ KDE and was surprised to find this feature missing. I used it constantly, and Discover isn't working

    Isn't X11 standard on most distros?

    +1 for this

  • Marcos H Garcia

    +1 to this

  • lsbrum

    After 5 years and nothing?

  • Melon

    you think discord would care about linux users? it doesn't even detect steam proton games properly lol


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