Images on mobile are too small.


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  • Rahlii

    I second this. On large phones images are so tiny now.


  • Aswell as gifs,memes... everything is posting soooo small its crazy

  • Yeah, I have to click smth in order to be able to read the text on mobile, it's horrible. An option to toggle between the image size before and the current one might be your best bet.

  • Dak

    This is still a problem. Every time I send a gif on mobile (Samsung Note 9), it is way smaller than on desktop. I would love to see this fixed! Pls discord 🙏

  • devendraraju

    Yes I have also noticed this few months ago, but now it is working fine




  • Ahmad Raza Atari

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  • woyejax

    It's frustrating when app updates change the user experience without offering customizable options. While I can't directly address the issue with the Android app update, I recommend checking the app's settings to see if there's an option to adjust image display preferences. Additionally, consider reaching out to the app's support or community forums to inquire about potential solutions or to provide feedback. User feedback often plays a role in shaping future updates, and expressing your preferences may contribute to improvements in future releases. how to put grip tape on a skateboard. If you have specific preferences for image display, sharing them with the app's developers could be valuable for enhancing user satisfaction.


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