Buy Nitro With Google Play Credit



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    Dabbit Prime
    This is a dupe of , so I'm closing this out. If you'd like to have your voice heard please upvote that suggestion!
  • 63p

    They wouldn't earn profit if people are just gonna buy Nitro with "Google Play Balance" but i agree.

  • Coolebooster

    I upvote this (I am not a google user but I think google play should also add this). Discord do something with this.

  • Proaxit_yy

    I upvote this. I think that both Google Play & Apple Store should have this feature.

  • calcium_bean

    I upvote this for now reason except I WAS told to so might as well, just do it,


  • what da rat doin

    i upvote this because, apple devices have this feature on mobile, so it should be fair to do it on other devices, e.g android.


  • If you cannot pay with apple pay, no google pay. If you can pay with apple pay, then add google pay. That sounds fair, right? Yes 

  • Dreamyyy

    Jere raped my DM's so here I am, upvoting a post supporting a motion to allow users to pay for Nitro using Google Play even though I couldn't care less as it doesn't effect me.

  • I upvote this cause this feature would be great if you don't have your credit card around.

  • TheRealEpicSammy

    I upvote this because I agree what the guy said.


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