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  • Bloodysunset

    To avoid a lot of scrolling just to use defaults emojis, you can click the filter icon on the bottom of the drawer:

    I will auto-scroll for you to the said emojis.

    But you provided an idea to collapse emojis by server in the drawer, so this is still a valid feedback.


    Hope it helps.

  • Jennifer

    I love the idea of collapsing emoji by server. I actually came to suggest being able to hide emojis from certain servers or individually, but collapsing by server is even better!

  • Soheab_

    please this

  • Anequit

    Agreed, but make the option to hide them near the notification settings

  • noodles

    Good idea! Also should be applied to non-nitro users (would be able to set server-specific emoji setup).

  • Anatomis (Perfect)

    Yes, that might be a good idea. It happens to me too much, too.

  • Igfig

    By default for non-Nitro users, it should hide/collpase emoji from servers other than the one you're currently in. If you can't use a given emoji in this server, then why are you being shown it at all?

    (well I mean, obviously it's there to make you think about all the cool emoji you could be using right now if only you bought Nitro. But it's still bad from a UX perspective.)

  • lengo
    This would be really nice for Non-Nitro users.
  • This would be really nice to clean up the emojis page - it's rather difficult to locate a particular emoji without knowing the name beforehand and the UI generally feels crowded and cluttered. The default emojis in particular are not something I see used often (and are already present on most phones) so it would be great to have a way to hide/remove those.

  • Noui

    Please this !!

  • D anu

    Bump. Am a nitro user but don't like being forced to scroll through the infinite wall of emojis present due to the number of discord servers I'm a part of. I just want to either pin a server of my choice to the top, or hide emotes on a server by server basis

  • Racci

    Bump bump. Also a Nitro user but I agree. This NEEDS to be integrated. Would love to collapse emojis based on server.

  • Neo

    This needs to be a thing. My phone's discord crashes half the time when I open the emote tab, it's incredibly bothering and with the new nitro update there will only be more clutter.

  • 1vomarek1

    Yes, please it would be so amazing... 

  • flibberdipper

    Considering the fact that this has been open for over a year and still not implemented, I've given up lol


    Sure would be nice though.

  • BloodyRain2k

    Well, I just spent a while to figure out to tell uBlock to hide all of these unusable emojis, because as mentioned by so many others: it's simply awful UX design <_<

    I'd share the filter here, weren't it for the fear that someone from Discord might see this and instead of improving the UX and let us hide the unusable ones, breaks the current only way of hiding them instead...

  • Рома

    Я согласен

  • Racci

    OH MY GOD. Discord actually made it WORSE!

  • Violet

    Bumping it up, but now that global emotes are gone and that Nitro users saved their fav ones on private discords to leave the GS and purge the emotes list a little, it'd be nice to actually be able to remove a server from the emote list suggestion.

    I'm a nitro user and participate on some big servers like MudaeBot's, but the number of emotes clogging the list is enormous, would there be a way to hide them from the emote list search or suggestions ? Just like muting a server, not making the emote appear in the list ? 

    Thnak you for reading !

  • Slepe

    Bumping this up. Too many ugly emotes exist

  • arif.


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