Screen Share Audio sliders


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  • CharlesBark_

    Absolutely need this, I find that when my friend shares his gameplay he's constantly too quiet and the game audio is WAY too loud, but the only thing I can do is adjust a single slider that controls both these options with "User Volume".

  • ca2

    I was just about to make a post regarding this issue.

    This would make an excellent feature, if it isn't too difficult to implement, per the feature's current implementation.

  • RomanNumeraXIII

    I would love to have this. It would make sharing so much better.

  • ShaMe

    Hello, Vultige.

    I guess that would be nice, wouldn't it be?!

    You unfortunately (As of now) can NOT less their volume per-receiving-end but the person screen-sharing(/streaming) can lessen their output volume. (Haha... Discord didn't think this one though. (or it was a mistake? o_O?)

    For the time being I suggest you just ask your friend to lessen the volume of the screen-share(/stream) and everyone else (if need be) increase their volume and turn his voice-output down.

    +1 (vote) on the idea.


  • Dods

    Please add this in! I have serious issues more often when people are screensharing even with a good internet connection, everyone starts to sound robotic, are lagging and so forth.

  • .Vilow

    Literally was about to make a post regarding this. Good thing I found this one to up vote it.

  • FraidyCat

    PLEASE ADD THIS... this is a crisis-tier issue for my server right now.

    We have some people who will screenshare at random. You can ask them to stop, but if they do not comply or decide to start screensharing again - there is no option but to leave the entire server, as there is no toggle for certain chats to have no screenshare. I haven't seen some dear friends in some time due to this! Needing to avoid a friend because of a discord feature is depressing, and this feature would mean I can hang out with them again.

  • ✾ Hashimoto ✾

    i 100% agree, this needs to be a thing. Possibly also deciding whether you want to watch or not could be a feature so people don't have to be forced to have their internet drained by huge numbers of people streaming (and complain about it, preventing others from watching the stream), but aside from that, being able to change peoples stream volumes individually is something me and many friends have wanted for a while.

  • Mayo.

    Please please please

  • Blumare

    And im already sorry for my english

  • Nirosu

    This would be nice, as peoples screenshare audio tends to be too high while their voice volume in contrast is much lower

  • PapaChungus

    no just the sound that is outputted in discord, so they hear the same however you can hear higher or lower

  • DuckMasterAl
    That could be your friends microphone picking up his computer (game) audio. Discord isn’t able to control that.
  • groovywhitedog

    Could you not have put a glimpse of your suggestion in the title? xD

  • VRN

    Please add this !

  • Yuno

    I love that they added streaming but still haven't fixed both screensharing and the fact that screenshare audio basically mutes itself when the person screensharing talks

  • Gamarleton

    Guys I found a solution! You have to lower the volume of the program that plays the audio in the program itself, and then make it louder on the windows taskbar (volume controller).
    That makes it less loud for people you stream it to, but also ensures you can still hear it. :) 

  • 어드총괄KR
    This is it.
  • eros

    PLEASE. whenever this my friend shares his screen, his mic/voice is WAY too loud and covers up the movie audio and i dont want to keep having to ask him to tone it down. why hasn't this been fixed already?

  • Skyfrost

    Please add this function!

  • Phaazoid



    please add this function


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