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  • timothysboxers 🐍

    Trusty McCoolGirl,

    While it irks me, I hadn't bothered testing it.

    For the sake of science, I did just carry out a few scenarios and what I can advise is that Discord seems to count the end of line/paragraph mark as a character (where word/gdocs do not—though they do show character count with and without spaces). A space is a character, so I had expected that to be included in the count. Technically speaking, so is the end of paragraph mark, and if you really want to get into it, it could count for two characters: Carriage return and Line feed.

    So in a situation where you are posting multi-paragraph messages or attempting to do a nicely formatted post, this will eat into the character count that you have available to use. So, if you—like most of us do—use word or gdocs to prepare posts, then the difference in the manner in which characters are counted may lead to you having a bad time.

    I feel less annoyed about it now and modify my earlier complaint about it being inaccurate—downgrading it to merely being inconsistent with typical methods for character counting via word or gdocs.

  • TrustyasHeck


    Ugh. No wonder... I think I suspected something of the like, but that doesn't make it any less irritating that we have even fewer characters than we thought. The fact that we really, functionally, only have a fraction of that bothers me so much even if it's more reasonable than what we were thinking re: inconsistent numbers. If someone says that there are 2000 characters available, they should mean 2000 non-space or non-invisible characters such as letters, punctuation marks, symbols, numbers, etc.

    The introductory (or original) post for this thread is exactly 2055 with spaces, 2018 if the note is removed (I believe there was a slight miscalculation there) but regardless the fact that you can't even fit that much into a single post really hurts. There are just so many hurdles to run through because of that. I really hope that the Discord Staff Team sees this thread and decides to up the limit for certain people, or just to increase it a teensy bit for everyone. Even a little would be so nice because it all adds up and could help cut down on how many posts we have to make for a single message. (I'd still love the 20,000 limit but I'm not about to assume that we'll get that much; I don't know the inner workings of Discord well enough to state whether it'd be feasible.)

  • Dtanotrew

    I feel like 200 would be excessive to some extent but even if it were bumped to 50 to 100 or so words would be really nice. And an increased limit on posts would certainly be appreciated, especially if you're typing up an "essay" only for it to be denied as it was too long.

  • Sola

    It would definitely be great to set custom character count limits on a per-channel basis. Just flat increasing it globally would be a catastrophe.

  • ! Galletita Oreo
    I think it would be a lack of control, anyway you can split the message into 2
  • meowfsy

    My main discord server has a great community and we use it for a living world Dungeons and Dragons campaign. We have many channels dedicated to roleplay which are used everyday. One thing that is really frustrating for a roleplayer, is the character limit.

    It would be really great if there were a character limit toggle in the server settings. I can see why the limit is useful, but as a server owner it makes me feel very frustrated that I can't remove or increase this limit. Especially since the limit is incredibly small.

    I'm really shocked this hasn't yet been looked at/implemented.

  • Altarin

    Thats why i said set it only to channel settings. If you have annoucements/guides channel i highly doubt you want this channel to be publicaly writable. Which means only people with permissions can write there, just as they would anyway, but instead of 2 or 5 or more posts they could only write that one.

  • TechMaster85

    Add a permission that you can add to a role with certain character limits you choose.


  • mch7

    I'd love to but I'm not a Discord wizard, where is that permission?  Or how can I go about it?  Advice / Help appreciated.

  • Ein


    I'm surprised this still isn't a thing.
    The 2k character limit is extremely frustrating, more so when you're trying to make the post look anything decent while retaining the info you're sharing.
    While 200 for nicknames seems excessive for me, I won't complain, it would help others if not myself.
    The abuse is there, but like many have already suggested, then maybe it could be implemented as a permission, either way there are workarounds for it and it REALLY needs to be implemented.

    I run into the limit 24/7, hurts the most when you're typing on mobile since it deletes your message while giving you the limit message.

  • TrustyasHeck

    Yeah, thinking about it, it would be great if you could simply (instead of having a global increase) set it to be a certain character limit for certain server roles, for certain server channels, and in certain dms/group dms. Especially since that would allow server owners to edit it to make the post limit something that's reasonable to them, without having everyone have that issue of way too many people posting way too much at once.

    There's some really nice feedback on this so far, and I'm also surprised that this hasn't gotten more attention from the devs. It could probably be seen as a decent amount of work, but it would make a huge impact for a lot of users to be able to alter the character limit. The nickname limit-- that's far less important, and it's more of a fantasy since it'd be way more open to abuse. But I'm shocked there doesn't seem to be any discussion about the potential opening for selective increases in character limit, especially with the mobile issues.

  • Conner
  • irkedhoe

    @Suspense thank you. I genuinely thought I was alone in this because it is so irritating

  • Neb

    Just send another message?

  • DerEric

    At least they should remove this cap for owners.
    It is really annoying for a rule text/announcements.

  • Russa

    PLEASE fix this!!!! I run a paragraph roleplay Discord and this limit is a NIGHTMARE. Our group averages about 5000 characters per post, which we have to keep breaking down. Setting up a story can take upwards of 10000 characters and I'm SO sick of struggling with the limit. We keep our gmail open the whole time we have discord up and have to break it up and copy and paste and copy and paste.

    Then you copy and paste one section, and it won't go through because you are one or two characters off, so you have to return to your gmail and copy and paste again hoping you got it right this time.

    Honestly, this is driving me insane. We used to have a designated forum for roleplaying, but those kind of forums are becoming less and less common over time and they don't have any of the features we need. They are not app friendly, they don't send notifications and making more topics is very difficult. 

    Please please please please please just have it so the administrator can decide the character limit!!!! Our group is this close to just leaving completely.

    Those of you who do not understand. This 'feature' is crippling for authors and roleplayers and we aren't the only ones struggling with it. It's pretty simple to let individual servers decide what limit works best for them. I'm not saying there should be two options "Turn on or turn off". I want to be able to say whether posts should be 2000, or 5000 or more.

  • tombles

    Oh my goodness, this is like the most annoying thing in the world!!! I'm not a role player, or an author, or anything like that. I'm just trying to manage a server. And EVERY TIME I try to post a message containing info, EVERY SINGLE TIME, I have to break it up into 2 or 3 pieces. 

    Now, this isn't too intense for me, it's not like I have 10,000 character messages or something, no. I just have around 3000-6000 character messages. And it's been a real big annoyance. Especially since I usually space up my messages into paragraphs, like I'm doing now. There isn't an indent feature in discord, so when I have to split my message, it will look like one paragraph is with another! 

    All I'm asking is to have the character limit reach AT LEAST 4,000 characters per message. If they do even more, I'll be surprised. At this point, I am fine with it being a Nitro feature. I just want to type in longer messages. Maybe it could be just an admin feature, or a role toggle, like most people say. We just want to type more!!! This is literally the only flaw I have with Discord, and if this doesn't get fixed, it will drive me INSANE!

  • Kawphi

    I'm sure I'm just echoing everyone's concerns but I believe how these types of request work is that the more people request it and leave comments, the more likely Discord team will review the request and make a decision. 

    This, as others have mentioned, is extremely irritating. I lead a clan for a popular game and we use our Discord to post Clan Rules, upcoming updates for the game, weekly clan news updates, events, etc. so I'm constantly hitting the 2000 character limit and usually without realizing it, which on its own is incredibly infuriating. I realize that people spamming 2000+ character posts could be annoying but if it's locked behind roles or admin rights, I don't really see any issue to it. I also find it hard to believe that spamming is the reason you don't enable this since you're just making us break up our posts into 2-3 separated posts. Aren't users just going to get multiple notifications for that instead? 

    For the sake of all your Discord users, please just do something to change this.

  • EKOmylife

    I also agree. It should be customizable for mods and admins to choose the character limit. So if there are role-play or story servers, they can set it to a higher character limit. Or if there is a server frequent with spammers, they can set it to a lower character limit.

    Yes, you can just splice each text to different sections, but understandably this can be tedious and slightly frustrating to do so.

    I also have an idea in mind. So the server I moderate has a rules channel where only other mods and I can post...well...rules for the server. But because of the limit, I can’t write as much without having to split the message. We also have a general channel where all our members can converse. That’s where spammers may be frequent. So maybe you can set the character limit separately for each channel. So for the rules channel, it can have a 20k character limit, and for the general it has about a 2k limit.

    You can also change the character limit for specific roles too. I think with this, you can avoid spammers while having this feature on discord.

  • resynth1943

    You should use something like Google Docs to share large text documents over Discord, as Discord really isn't cut out for this in my opinion, which is reinforced by your complaints above.

  • TechmandanCZ

    There should be an option - I want somewhere lower limit, like 1k chars, but somewhere the 2k limit is too low for some things. There should be an option for roles, where you could edit the limit (for example up to 10-15k)

  • Xyn

    As a writer I 1000000% agree that this should be lifted for at least admins. 
    Or even just boosted severs? Anything, really. 

  • sean

    +1 to this. This is a real annoyance to me.

  • Forkentiney

    @Moongeist You're right. We used Teamspeak before that. My mistake. 

  • Kirsan

    2k for block of code is too few :((( 4k will be enough, I think.

  • FÓA

    Maybe to prevent the concerns of removing a character limit EVERYWHERE,  it could be an option in servers ?  Like,  creating a channel & setting it as a writing channel that disables the character limit ?  That would be so incredibly awesome.  I do some writing / rping on discord via a server  &  it's practically impossible to NOT go over.  Just an added idea that would make discord life a little happier.

  • BiRRdYY

    I just want to add myself to this petition.. Currently working on a dc bot which posts race results automatically when the race ends and for the tables I need a lot of spaceholder chars (cz discord also has no proper tables)... That limits me to ~10 positions being displayed per message max!

  • amazoniiite

    I'm going to add myself to this petition as well.

    I'm not asking for it to be removed, much like the rest of the wonderful people here in this thread, but rather it be raised.

    However. I can see it being an issue in some cases. To avoid server overload, perhaps make it to where it is optional on each individual servers. As a writer who enjoys sharing her stories with friends and other role players, it is frustrating that I have to chop my posts up. Then it looks messy and there is no space between the chopped up posts. I have to shift-enter to go to the next line and add a period between those chopped posts. Doesn't look the greatest, but unfortunately...its fuctional.

    Still. To have the character limit raised would be wonderful. I would be okay with 4k characters, but for a writer I can write 4k word short-stories and higher, so 4k characters is hardly enough. Though. I would settle for it.

  • tobsam

    This would be an important change to any coding-based server, where you usually wanna be able to post huge code blocks using discord's amazing markdown and syntax highlighting features.

    Just make the character limit an option within servers, that would be awesome, thanks.


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