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    Same goes for more options, like people who haven't been online at all.
    I can warn people all I want, if someone forgets to say something the last 30 days he gets kicked anyway.
    There's no longer time to pick for this option and no other way to kick inactive people...
    But indeed, roles have the same right to be kicked if they are inactive for long!

  • Hey!

    I'm looking for things like this too.

    Like, people are joining my server and aren't speaking, they just do nothing but they have the auto assigned role. 

    It would be so nice if there was a bot or a feature which will be like "if the user didn't speak/write within [3 days] after he joined, he'll be kicked"  (3 days is just an example)

  • Vincent

    Please this. I manage a 700+ person server, and would love to be able to prune and remove inactive users who have not shown up in a month or so. Problem is they are all given tags when they join. We don't have untagged users for the most part.

  • Bobmugabe

    30 days is the maximum option we have at the moment and I feel that this is way too short.

    The option for a few months would be great.

  • Windyo

    Yeah same here.


    We have 500+ users, some of them got a role a while back, and we'de still like to remove inactive users that haven't even been online for 30 days.

    Would be great if the prune option would allow targeting role-holders as well

  • Underscore

    So as my suggestion is merged with yours (I idin't see it :D)

    I think the 3 available possibilities (1, 7, 30 days) are too limited : 
    In fact I'm not interested about who didn't came in the last few days, but more in the last 3, 6 ou 12 month.
    It would be more revelant (for me at least)
    So could it be possible to have also month in addition of days ?

    By the way, as you said, more option about pruning members with roles,not only for @everyone could be great too :)

  • Vincent

    To agree with what else is said here, definetly have a way to prune people who do have roles. I have users automatically assigned a "newcomer" role, and wait for them to do an introduction. If they do not do said introduction in 24 hours I like to kick them. But I average anywhere between 10 and 50+ new users a day, so It can be a lot to kick them all every night! 

  • Nanonium

    Totally agree with your suggestions, but also I think there should be a way to encompass all roles instead of individual roles if possible to make it faster for servers with many roles.

    Voice activity needs to be counted as activity imo as it is activity in a way. This would make it so easy to get rid of inactive members easily with a few adjustments, but f possible it would also be nice to have an automated way of doing it (especially if you want to conduct prunes very regularly) or if it's such a long period you might forget to prune.

  • Ærroz 蒸気波

    Please this needs to happen, it is difficult to create a server with quality members who are active if you can't prune members with roles. It is also a lot easier for those of us with larger servers to manage inactive members.

  • Aechidna

    I have a relatively large server for my Guild Wars 2 guild (150+) and myself, and several other guild leaders who I've also been talking to, have been lamenting the lack of functionality in the pruning option. A number of us have set up our discords so that you HAVE to be assigned a role in order to see those channels that we want you to (e.g. people who are popping in to play other games with our members only get the guest rank, or people who are joining for a raid get the raid help rank, etc.). However, if we don't think to then immediately remove that person afterwards, they are just camped on the discord for ages. The temporary invites are absolutely not helpful here, because they have a certain role needed to see beyond the welcome channel! I think this would be a hugely beneficial addition to servers that host larger communities, and something that is actually quite desired (just do a quick Google search, people are actively looking for this)!

    I am actually quite surprised this isn't implemented yet...

  • Tazzbjs

    This feature is long over due! I manage a server with nearly 2500 members! All are auto assigned a role when they join, and then get roles changed as they confirm their team assignment. My mod team has to manually prune members weekly, to keep membership under 2500 members so we can keep notifications active. Pruning should have never been limited member without roles. Most servers assign roles immediately upon joining and just because you have a role, doesn’t mean you you can just sit inactive for days, months, even years.

    Everyone needs to upvote the top post. This is the only way discord will work on this feature.

  • Brumbpo

    Definitely long overdue! There's currently no way to prune members with roles, forcing us to prune servers manually which takes forever depending on the server's size. I'd have to see when someone last posed, decide whether they're inactive or not, remove their role and then do this for hundreds of other server members.

    It's not convenient, so I would LOVE to have the ability to prune members with roles with a couple clicks rather than spending hours on keeping servers clean.

  • Tazzbjs

    Ok mods any kinda update on this? This is a feature all of your server owners and admin are dying for. At least the ones that are pushing the 2500 mark where server notifications stop getting pushed out to members, mods and admin.

  • TheNacho

    What the current state of this? A maximum of 30 days is just not enough.

  • Castor

    Still no update on it, at least not that I've seen. There have been (very) minor UI tweaks I think to that section of the server settings, but other than that, still no more usability.

    The following is a link to a bot whose creator claims it can apply and remove roles to users based on their level of server activity. Splash site says it provides a configurable threshold for action on inactivity.

    I saw that along with დ༻𝓒𝔢𝔩𝔢𝔰๓𝔬𝔬𝔱𝔥𝔦𝔢༺დ 's post above, people are mentioning better activity monitors. Obviously Discord basically has none, and there are mixed opinions on whether or not it should, but I do know of only one bot that seems to be able to do that kind of thing reliably:

    I haven't tried it, and it has only recently come out of some hibernation phase. It certainly sounds promising, but please bear in mind why people might not like it. I personally wouldn't care if users on my server disliked it, because frankly, if they don't seem interested in the server, then there's no point in them being on it.


  • aemvee

    +1 for 6m, 12m and 24m options!

  • Z 📷

    Yup, really need this!

  • ChraniECV

    30 Days is just too short. That's not even an extended Vacation for some of my friends and members. A three month option would be something. Or why not make it completely variable?

  • Yin

    That idea was exactly like mine. Maybe there could be a limited range of days or months.

    Example: The options could be between 7 days to half a year. 

    I really hope this happens because it's just not flexible enough for it to be a success for discord.


  • Sphinx

    +1 that we need longer date ranges, 30 days is too short. I'd like to remove people in the 6+ months range up to at least a year, but for larger servers 2 years is probably a good upper range.

  • Nutbar

    Any updates?

    I'm managing actively growing server with 3500+ users. Maximum of 30 days is just not enough. There are really a lot of people having longer vacations. I guess 90 days would be enough to see the real number of "dead" people on the server. 

    Please, extend this period at least on the API side.

  • UpDownLeftDie

    Btw in the last update, we did get the ability to prune with roles so that's HUGE progress on this that was posted almost a year ago!

  • Yin

    So yeah we can select roles but I checked with some of the staff and they said they couldn't actually give you any other options because there isn't such a feature in the app that allows a user to choose a specific number of days. 

    PS: I hope the guy wouldn't mind of the screenshot. Didn't expose anyone :|

  • Sphinx

    It's replies like this one that makes me think they're not even bothering to read these threads... 90% of people here aren't asking to be able to set an arbitrary number of days, we're simply asking for "something greater than 30 days". If they can implement 7 days and 30 days, it doesn't seem like it should be a huge stretch to add "60" and "120" or whatever. 

  • Yin


    They actually do if they are able to do it and people are supporting the idea. It's just not available as a feature for the app, you have to understand that they have other matters to attend to too. They actually added "Did you knows" when you're loading the page so yeah its an improvement and they ARE actually very very busy. My friend's a bot dev and he's busy enough even with me helping out, they are the discord devs so you gotta understand. Just make sure to upvote the original idea.

  • EpikVouen

    Allowing for mass pruning would reduce the number of users and hurt any future IPO or selling price should some company want to buy Discord. #imho

  • Nutbar


    1. There is mass pruning option already.
    2. Pruning is from server, not from entire service.
    3. We are asking here for an option to REDUCE the amount of people to be pruned.
  • RudyTheNinja

    It's really annoying how the current pruning option very clearly confuses how it works
    It only gets rid of OFFLINE members not INACTIVE members

    At first is says "users who haven't logged in to your server"
    Then says "that hasn't online in a certain amount of time"
    (1st paragraph

    THEN if you go to the prune option itself
    It says "members who have not been seen"


    ... It's got a public Y/N at the bottom of it all that has some of the lowest scores I've seen
    But idk if that'll get their attention

  • Castor

    In case any of you are still searching, can reliably apply and remove roles based on a user's voice and/or message activity on the a server, with great customisation. The free version limits the amount of 'Statroles' (as they call them) you can have, but overall, this is better than the last bot I pointed you to.

    I don't think we're getting better native support for the main topic of this thread, though. There are an awful lot of things Discord should be doing instead of leaving it down to the community to fill in the gaps with bots of varying degrees of suitability and reliability—this is just one of those things.

  • grimtown

    More pruning options would still be useful. 2/6/12 months. Maybe even an option to manually enter a number of days.


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