Add new gif setting for "always play GIFs"


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  • ShaMe

    Hey there Kossuth.

    Most players have GIFs automatically play.
    The large majority of users LIKE the auto-play feature and keep it on.
    I mean, if 70% of players were disabling the auto-play feature than.. yes. Right on, but they don't.

    Having it on by default means that everyone who installs Discord does not have to go into Settings and turn it on manually.
    A smaller portion of people want it 'off' by default than 'on' and if we turn it 'off' we're going to have tons of people going to settings just to turn it back 'on' how it originally was set to.


  • bastet_of_orion
    This is a great accessibility idea, as well as reducing lag if someone needs to scroll through a chat and it's gif-heavy. Perhaps a middle ground of only playing gifs that are currently-viewed (however big the window is, 50 messages at a time, etc) could be reached for this, while still putting a toggle in the accessibility options to preemptively stop all gifs when not hovered over.
  • Cabeelibob

    Just have the default setting be on "on focus."
    Anyway, I think this is a really good idea, I wish I could see my profile gif always playing and not only when I put my cursor on the message.

  • 69b

    Hello Discord Team,

    Add this feature at once, I have 6 monitors on my workstation and it's freaking annoying .GIFs do not auto-play, I have to make the Discord client active, which is mega-annoying.

  • just_noXi

    Can someone please please revisit this?

    I would totally set it to always.

  • Impzy

    Discord, why the heck the most important QoL updates come to happen so slowly??!...

  • grumas24

    This would be so so useful! Please add!

  • Greed


  • Times Vengeance

    Logged in just to bump this. I would love to always see my animated profile pic playing, especially because I primarily use Discord on mobile so I only ever see it in the small bottom right corner while looking at the list of channels/servers or if I tap on my profile in the member list.

  • binary_snek

    I would totally set it to always animate!

  • ZaCloud

    Discord, please give us the option to Always Auto-Play in addition to what's there? You gave us a slider for the Stickers. Why can't we have that for the GIFs too? Or at least a hybrid, three-option structure like OP suggested:

    Automatically play GIFs:

    • Never

    • On focus

    • Always

    I would have that "Always On" for my desktop client. It's ok to default it to "On Focus", but please let us have an "Always" option too. It's so needlessly annoying to have to hover my cursor over a gif just to play it. And when I tried Nitro, I found that so useless to have an animated icon, since it had to be hovered over anyway, and who the heck thinks to do that randomly? Way more trouble than it's worth.

    This should have been an option YEARS ago. Please give us this LONG overdue option!

  • nut

    Bump. This is silly. Very few modern devices are going to suffer a significant performance loss from a few gifs playing. No one can even tell if you have an animated pfp most of the time, so it makes this nitro feature seem like a waste.

  • Curael

    ShaMe I appreciate your initial answer to this but I think you misunderstood. We don't want it to be changed from "on" to "off", we want a third option to actually say "Always play gifs" even when the window is not active. Is this a terrible extra option to give? It makes a lot of sense to me with animated gifs and profile images. :)

  • ある


    Also, is it not possible to have gifs be playing with the "Enable Reduced Motion" option turned off? I'd like to be able to use Reduced Motion without having to mouse over gifs in order to view them properly.

  • Mattriarc

    For the love of god, BUMP! This shouldn't take this long to add such a simple thing especially since so much new stuff has been added recently with themes and banners. I just wanna see some GIF's on a second monitor while using my main.


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