Add a last online feature


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  • Hayden

    The problem with only admins being able to see it is that it limits the functionality of the feature.

    I think it should be available for all to see, friends to see, or nobody to see and it should only say something like "last online a few minutes ago" or "last online within this week".

    That would be sufficient and people could turn it off so I don't see why this would turn people off.

  • esta

    I, for one, dont want it to be known if im online or not. But as a server developer want to know if the members of my server are active or not. We know the purge system is not very efficient as long as a member has a role attached system doesnt purge. 

    Search function has to be applied to each member, which we all know, is impractical. 

    Also, all-friends-none is again loses some purpose because i may want to be seen in a server and not one another, to some people who i am not friends with and may want to be seen everywhere at some point etc...

    Demands will be limitless from users. Either there shouldnt be an option as "last seen" as is for now or should be limited to admins for server maintenance purposes. 

    Other than that i am against for such a feature

  • crestmare

    i need this so badly

  • IamAcat

    I wish you could see this for owners of servers and stuff too

  • Chad

    This post has been here for 2 years already! And discord has never responded, nor added it! Discord why r u so lazy back then?

  • SpookyTwitchWatcher

    I would love to see when my mods were last online so that I can see who is slacking off on the job!! lol

  • _krazy.

    It would be amazing if they add that feature and add a toggle button for making my last online visible or no

  • kiritosensei

    I support this discord what the hell are you doing


  • Nicvi

    this would be such a useful feature. allow admins/owners to remove unactive members

  • Fatima Ali

    How Can I add last online feature on my discord ?


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