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  • Amacita

    Being able to hide/delete unwanted DMs on your own side is very important. I don't like knowing that someone can send me whatever inappropriate content they want, and I have no way to keep it out of my sight other than to block the user or close the conversation entirely. Those are valuable options to have, sure, but a lot of the time you need a more fine-grained solution, because you're not always able to do that with someone you need to continue working with.

    At the same time, I am more than a little unsettled by the thought of enabling abusers to destroy all evidence of abuse and harassment at the click of a button. I have personal experience in this. For a long time, I was abused by a manipulative, controlling narcissist on Discord, and the only reason I was able to get anyone to support me was because I had half a year's worth of evidence in the form of Discord messages from him. Abusers care a lot about controlling information and hiding the evidence of their abuse. I'm sure that if he'd had the power to immediately delete all his messages to me, he would have done so as soon as I started to fight back and expose him.

    The way I see it, the messages that you see on your Discord client, that's *your* data. The messages that other people see on their Discord client, regardless of who sent it, is *their* data, and they have a right to keep it. You should only be able to bulk delete someone's copy of the messages you sent them if you have their consent to do so.

  • Squarto

    I disagree but thanks for the feedback. Discord already gives you the ability to delete your data, our suggestion just saves you from having to use a script to wipe it instantly.

  • Captain

    Something for Discord to understand. As the user above pointed out, not being able to do this violates GDPR, and since Discord operates across international boundaries, they could be liable. The penalties are stiff:   GDPR violation fine

    What is the maximum administrative fine under the GDPR? There are two tiers of administrative fine that can be levied as penalties for GDPR non-compliance: Up to €10 million, or 2% of annual global turnover – whichever is greater; or. Up to €20 million, or 4% of annual global turnover – whichever is greater.

    This issue has persisted for a very long time. I would suggest interested users file a complaint here:
  • Suspense

    i love this idea and it could be cool to be able to clear whole old conversations

  • Brush



  • acicada

    Thank you @Squarto I appreciate your effort!

  • [TVC] 4mB3r197

    The way the Discord team acts shows how they care about their users: In no way!
    They want to grow, they make pseudo funny release notes and want to offer tons of features. But they obviously hate to answer, respond and implement really wished features!

    What's the issue with the implementation of that deletion feature? Is it probably that Discord simply wants to collect every bit of data and personal information from us to store for whatever reason? If yes, then deleting those data would the wrongest thing one could do. Thus I think that this urgently wished feature will never come. But in the meantime I will leave! "Back to the roots" since other services like Teamspeak still work well and I give a f*** for a ton of features as long as I am handcuffed and Discord doesn't care about me and the community.

    Always remember: The community which helped you to grow so fast, is always able to bring you back to the dust again in no means!

  • Pythagoras

    This would help me out so much too... Can there be a way to "delete" the history of the dm? If not for both participants, just for yourself? 

  • Shromp

    As somebody who values my privacy, please add this feature!

  • Pf

    That would be a great idea, I sometimes feel that I have to clear those chats

  • Pucci Enrico

    We clearly all want it. Discord. Just do it.

  • Kierstad

    This isn't even just a GDPR issue there's also CCPA for California residents, and it won't be that long before it's just multiple implementations in different geographical regions to protect user's data.  Other companies have to deal with it, this one will too...just hopefully before they end up having to pay large fines for not complying.  There simply isn't any way around it, no matter what kind of legal spin you want to put on it, they are still processing information from a user, and it's not solely limited to their account information anymore.  Yes, users should use common sense with what they share, but the law doesn't care about common sense (at least not in this case).  

  • Nazer92 ⚡

    If we can delete one (our) message, why we can't delete these all?? I'm think this is must be our choice.

  • totte

    I would like to see this feature added.

  • Maya

    I think even if clearing a DM wouldn't clear the other person's side , this still should be a feature.

  • Roar Lien

    Agreed. Think this would help alot and make it even better so people can start fresh more often. I like to do that with my mate and we always clean our chat once in a while but it's such a boring task to do, to delete all the messages and start from scratch, would really love it if there was an option to delete all your messages, would help alot!

  • RoleplayRyan

    I have multiple direct message chats that I would just like to delete all of my messages from. And if this was added for everyone, I could get the people I'm in that direct message chat to delete all of their messages too! It's nice to not have to see the past, or have to worry about it there. But, maybe have pinned messages stay after a mass message delete. 

  • Erikku_senpai

    It's been over a year and still nothing, Please discord we really need this function 

  • crow_feather

    I agree. There needs to be a way to delete messages or personal conversations. Please Please Please add this and make my life as a Minecraft Moderator that uses discord for our server,  easier. Thanks.


  • Re-Crix

    Doggo, it wouldn’t delete the messages for you. Only for them. That’s how that works. When you are in a 2 sided DM/PM, if one of you deletes your chat record, it only does it for the person who did it, not both sides.

  • MetalAnn

    Just another user who would love to be able to clean slate DMs.  I will pay to be able to do it if I have to.

  • Anime's Broskibichi©™

    Greatest Decision.

  • afeliz305

    Please add this feature, it would make everyone happy

  • Lengo
    I guess this may be nice for bot conversations though. So you can clear like a ton of random things if you don't like it there.
  • ɐsǝǝlƎ

    why isn't this a thing yet? It's so annoying to have conversation you don't want to see, always here. Just add this feature c'mon guys :c you can keep the conversation, just let me hide it forever, ty c.c 

  • Charmayne

    Whyyyyyyyyyy hasn’t it been done yet

  • Sylencer90©

    Still hoping to see this getting added soon.

  • just nola

    yes please

  • Thomas3

    Why the hell on earth has this not been solved yet!

  • 𝕄 e t e o r

    I actually need to delete the whole dm with one of my friends irl so my mom will stop asking if she's gay or if I'm gay. I'm not coming out of the closet to her just yet so right now I'm denying everything she thinks about asking.


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