Clearing Direct Message Option


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  • Darktower

    Unfortunately, Discord is extremely slow in application development and feature. If so, a new opponent may delete you from the market. Please give a little more value to people's wishes.

  • eduwi


  • philnc

    To be fair, Microsoft Teams is also missing this feature: so maybe the problem is that Discord wants to be more like Teams?

  • Mac

    This is definitely a required privacy feature!

  • UgandanKnuckles_

    Good idea

  • Niandra

    How is this still not a thing? This is an essential feature, it shouldn't even be a question

  • Georgie

    please add this. 

  • Иванов И.И.

    Хотелось бы иметь возможность выделять сообщения для удаления сразу нескольких. Очень сложно удалять сообщения по одному. Я говорю про сообщения в текстовых каналах.

  • Matthew

    Why would you need to do that

  • doctortrax

    This would be very useful! Especially if it could be set to be done automatically at a certain time interval, and on individual channels (as opposed to server-wide).

  • Lengo
    This could easily be used to delete evidence for reports if someone tells you they reported you.
  • loading

    As someone who occasionally closes DMs by accident or out of high stress I think this is a terrible idea.

  • Anime Boi

    Everyone please view the new edited post. I meant to say something completely different.

  • Ben!
    or when you close a dm it could clear it
  • Jim B

    This is a long thread and clearly a user concern.  I have noticed that in group DMs (3 or more)  it is possible to remove a user from the group DM.  In personal 1 to 1 type DMs this feature seems to be absent. 

    Perhaps an implementation of this clean slate feature would be feasible by treating 1 to 1 DMs as a group DM (albeit just with two users).  A clean slate could be achieved by removing the partner user then leaving yourself. If this feature was available, it surely would not be a burden for the API or database activity. 

  • Fangur [Dro Mszrob]
    You can do this on the computer by hovering the conversation and clicking de smallx
  • Homie Box
    Why would that be needed?
  • Matthew

    I see no reason why this is needed other than abuse..


    Lets say you spammed someone with instant invites (not saying you would, but there are some people, unfortunately), and they were going to report you to trust and safety. click. Boom. Evidence is gone and this person will get away with doing what they did

  • thecrazygamemaster

    Time is an investment. Ease of access and ease of execution are important things to take into account. If you keep the task of clearing a significant amount of time's data a gargantuan effort (or high with a script) as it is now, those who wish to do it nefariously will be less inclined. I agree with Amacita on this. If you want to delete your content you should have to do it slowly.

  • sgt_4hed

    You clearly dont know enough about GDPR... because if you did, then you would know your statement is a complete crock of horse shit lol

  • Ceus

    To be honest, they could keep all the data. I don't really care about that. I care more about being able to delete it from my clients. All they'd have to do is add a "hidden" column in their database (as an example), and anything deleted gets marked as "hidden" so that they can retain the information.

    It's an invasion of privacy, but most large companies don't care. We are in the era of invasion of privacy.

  • Veritius

    It's called closing the window or just... deleting the messages

  • Matthew


  • chloroform chloe

    1. A relationship on discord.
    2. An abusive relationship on discord?
    3. What?
    4. Block the user
    5. Just block then click the x near their dm name and they are never found again
    6. Abusers statistically care about privacy and only abuse in privacy to prevent external prevention, studies support it.
    7. See 4 and 5.


    The problem I see with this is on the other side, if someone DOES spam me with nasty things, I want evidence, to be able to have them banned ect. but if they can just spam, and then shortly there after delete EVERYTHING all at once without me being able to even catch a screen shot, then discord will have no way of doing anything at all.

    This is particularly dangerous feature, one can easily delete messages in a server with bots and simply close a dm, if it's that big an issue. But allowing trolls and sexual predators to clear all their evidence away instantly is a bad idea.


    This would enable bad people to do bad things and easily get away with it, removing any evidence quickly. So I say no.


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