Reports for threats of self harm are useless?



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    Dabbit Prime

    Hi there! I'm sorry that you feel frustrated with our reporting system. I assure you that our Trust and Safety team is doing everything within their power every single day and I, personally, know of several different instances where a case of self harm was reported and we ended up saving their life.

    Unfortunately, this website is intended for actionable feedback on features or suggestions for new features to add to Discord. Your concerns won't reach the TnS team here. Instead, I'd suggest filing a complaint via (it's a different group of people) and they'll make sure your frustrations are passed on.

    As such I'm closing out this particular ticket as invalid.


    I am sorry if this comes off as hate. I am just desperate for answers and for breakthroughs, and cops cant help, and I have no other way of getting help then this system, and its not done anything in the past, so I don't trust it...


     It's so depressing seeing that such an important issue is so easily cast by the way side.

  • Magic Star the Dragon

    Nah agree with you totally. Tbh FB's safety thing works better. In the past I've wanted to commit suicide and I said it on messager and it got reported. FB proceeded to "lock" me out until i could get help. I dont remember what happened exactly but its better than what Discord is doing


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