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  • OrangeTsar

    I'm going to second this, some kind of terminal or command line application would be great.

  • Permanently deleted user

    This is a good idea, but it's a bad one. Instead, why don't we get Discord to allow custom clients that can be readily viewed online via GitHub, GitLab, etc?

    Since Discord has implemented partnered servers, why not bring that ideology to FOSS and (if they are unwilling to allow all open-source custom clients) only allow certified custom clients that don't break the TOS?

    Of course, even if Discord do implement scoped certification, I doubt people will actually conform to Discord's rules :)

    I'm hoping to hear your feedback on this.

  • /dev/arnarh

    I would love to see this implemented as well! Something like a TUI for discord would be awesome!

  • tamberkiyne

    I'm bumping this 5-month-old post thread because I highly ditto this whole concept and I feel like it could be an important version of Discord

  • dualfade

    I would love a cli. The interface is just way too much for me. I'll probably abandon it pretty quick if I cannot find a work around. I dont need all kinds of bells and whistles. It's nice and lots of hard work put into it.. no doubt there; but a simple working "real time" cli like matterhorn would be great.

  • iamhrethgir

    I mean they should really just allow those of us who want to use 3rd party clients to do so, but an official TUI would be fine. It seems like a really cruel thing to do to ban people just because they don't want to use the website or official apps.
    There are already multiple TUI/CLI solutions, but why is Discord banning people for it?

  • dualfade

    Thats a great idea. I have in essence abandoned it. Only respond when I need too. The web interface is ( not fun ) and the gui client is too bulky. I dont play video games. I don't watch videos and need to see who has what rank etc.... Non of that. I just want my team chat in text hah.

    Thanks for listening. 

  • ayn

    Bumping this!

    Yeah, this is a good idea. But I doubt Discord wants to make another version of their client just for a specific type of people if they're using the original Discord client. Also, making a terminal app means loss of information. The GUI client has everything Discord wants you to see: roles, servers, DM and tools to browse between messages...

    Discord has become the mainstream messaging app. It's so big now that cases like this became so common to see. I don't understand why Discord wants people to not do anything more than using their functions. So, I would prefer to see Discord updating their TOS to allow people make their custom clients with specific rules to not interfere with their business model.

  • bison

    if discord does not want to create their own terminal client (which is understandable) they should at least allow us to make one


    (send from a lagging raspberry Pi400 on which the official client does not run)

  • tomate_boi


  • RaketenTier


  • FunzoSuruali


  • cygnostik

    This would be incredibly useful as odd as it may sound.

  • apollo

    This part of the market may be very niche, but having a terminal client that appealed to hardcore CLI users, may bring more people to the platform. I know of some people that would love to use Discord, but because of the fact there is no legitimate terminal client, they end up using Matrix or IRC.

  • MyriaCore

    If discord team wants to make 3rd party clients against TOS (which is also bs btw), they should at the very least implement a TUI client for the folks who are actually concerned with productivity.

  • suugaardustt

    Imagine this - you're doing something in VSCode and you get a message from discord. You open the integrated terminal, use some custom keybinds to go to the message, respond, get in a voice call with another server, all of it from the terminal, all of it from the same window. I would donate to an official CLI for Discord, full featured, VC and all. (Emoji's might be odd to work with, maybe instead of the image of the emoji it would be the :emoji_name_here: that would show up?)

  • 5ysk3y


    I'd imagine this request is only going to get more attention now that Discord have pretty much outright banned 3rd party clients - *applaud*

  • mugman174


  • MyriaCore

    There are TUI clients for discord RN, but they're 3rd party. The two clients I'm aware of are cordless and terminal-discord. I recommend you guys checkout this other proposal about 3rd party clients and TOS, since that's arguably the most likely way we'd get terminal clients.

  • LoneFox

    Why hasn't this become a thing yet? This would be terrific for the CLI environments such as server based operating systems,it would be such a resource saver. I upvoted.

  • leroxymania

    Bump. btw I use arch

  • Pikachu

    Bump. I need this as well; I think it's unfair that using 3rd-party CLI programs results in banning.

    btw I also use Arch

  • dublUayaychtee



     please i want this

  • Nii


  • Hyperdrive

    A TUI client would be a nice have, the normal client uses too much memory while doing other tasks and can come in handy. Maybe this could be made available as something that discord has less of a priority on maintaining, sort of like a side project, but wouldn't necessarily count as TOS violation.

  • mushman

    BUMP! I need this so much! If not a full-blown terminal ui app, then at least to have some cli with commands to perform actions on the official client. Like "send this string to the channel with this id", "get last channel message as string" or "change status to busy" - the last one is super useful to script with times i have meetings so that whole conference room doesn't have to listen to my discord notifications.

  • C.E.M.J.O

    I fully agree on this one!

    An official terminal client would be friggin' awesome!

    Found some Python thing (DiscordPY) but I'm not really sure on how to use it, if even possible.


  • alma


  • krzych

    oh yesyes bumpp

  • Syborg64

    Bump. It's absurd that it's not supported


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