Trusted devices to not require 2-factor


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  • wAffles
    this could be implemented as a little checkbox that says "trust this device" or "trust this ip"
  • chloroform chloe

    Discord does trust your ip when you log in, not device however. From my experience if I log in while using a vpn it sends an email asking for confirmation to trust my current ip. If you are changing IPs often discord will think it's a different person from a different location trying to log in. Maybe your device is stopping discord from saving that IP, also it takes mere seconds to get a code from discord. I don't see how that would lead to: "I shoulden't use discord".

  • Abbe

    Yes, "Trust this device" would be great!

    I have a static IP to my isp and rarely use VPN, so it shouldnt be that reason, I believe its just time, 2-3 weeks and I have to enter the code again. My phone also never have this problem because I'm on it more often, on different wifi's and 4g.

    I'll clarify the statement, it should be: "I shouldn't use Discord on my iPad", but if thats where the content I want to share is, I will have to log in, get the authorization code from my phone, its not the biggest deal, but if I want to share or talk to people on my Ipad, its enough to get me to lose interest in doing it.

    It's about removing blockers for maximum expedience and usage. :)

  • Melvinso
    Would be great, so you don't need to get the 2FA Code everytime. And it would be time-saving.
  • Thyrus

    I have to enter a 2FA code every time I log into Discord. Very annoying. Trusted devices would be a great addition to make this system less frustrating.


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