App Passcode


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  • Ben

    Should definitely be a toggleable feature. Disabled by default I’d say as some users may not have Touch ID set up and some basic users may not even want such a feature set.

  • Nikolay Ivanov

    Sounds like an excellent suggestion

  • Ben

    That argument doesn’t really count. Like saying we shouldn’t bother setting passwords. Prevention is key and if someone has limited access to your device for a short time it’s unlikely they would be able to get in to anything.

  • hell cat

    I don't see why there are downvotes as this would be extremely useful, and optional.

  • Shy Little Fox

    I think that it is something that SHOULD be added. Like if my guardians got my phone and managed to get in i would not want them getting into my discord.

  • RémyPsq

    Or FaceID 🙃


    Hello, this is the same for me, my 8yo kid take sometimes my phone, and I want to continue to receive notifications (Almost the number of new messages) for my private messages or my rooms. The problem is that when you disconnect you logically loose this possibility, that’s the reason why an optional PIN password, even if it is easily crackable, is important for young kids parents like us. Discord is sadly one of the latest apps not offering that feature. Regards

  • TheFutureKnight
    or use a password manager.
  • SonoraWolf

    This could also implement Face ID on IOS and for Android users the retina scanner and face scanner

  • Aurora

    This would be fantastic. Would love to be able to configure Discord to automatically require a passcode whenever launching the app as an extra security measure to protect my chats.

  • Knox

    +1 for an optional setting that would require a pin or biometric when the app is launched. I have kids that sometimes use my phone and iPad, and I don’t want them stumbling into my Discord app accidentally.

    I recognize it’s a niche feature, but it is my only major gripe with the platform.

  • Nicolai9852

    Still, not everyone have Password Manager configured on their phone. And the password manager is not the same on an Android Phone compared to an iPhone, right?

    It's more easy just with a simple touch, that you can open it up.

  • Panicakr

    A much less concerning option would be to enable 2 factor auth.

  • Alma

    Yep, totally. On mobile you have 2 factor authentication, but on desktop there's no similar feature. I share an account with my mother since the computer is hers, and I don't want her or anyone that eventually enters the computer (that doesn't have a password btw) just entering my discord. And I don't want to have to log out and in everytime I stop using the computer, since most times no one else will use it, but it could happen at anytime.

  • Mr. Maybe

    see an example like Apollo or Firefox focus for IOS to see how to implement an app lock that ensure the kids wont get in even if they have the unlocked phone in their hands. 

  • lengo
    Unnecessary imo.
  • chloroform chloe

    Like a special keyword? That can be cracked just as easy as the password.

  • Zacatero
    I don't see a point to this, mainly because discord is not an application that requires you to constantly login every time. So I don't know why you would need the pin or fingerprint functionality

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