Default Region Selection


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  • chloroform chloe

    It automatically sets the best region for both users. Guild vc dosen't do this as server region is enforced onto all members. While manually changing your region would be nice, it seems discord has a bad connection allegedly with the servers you want to connect too.

  • Saaaaden

    Have anyone found a solution? It's getting frustrating


  • Files Saver

    @Saaaaden Yeah i Agree

  • BioDread

    Same for me... Every call I need to change the region to Europe ..

  • Foogley

    Yes please.

  • Thasan

    "It automatically sets the best region for both users" hah... I live in Finland and Discord uses Russia as default region. That almost never connects. On _every_ call I make, I have to change region to some other than Russia.

  • Robeus

    I experience the same issue. Seems like the automatic server selection algorithm can't work perfectly for everyone.

  • RuGeneraL

    Как именно нам нужно поддержать эту идею ? Как именно ее можно выделить на передний план для того что бы разработчики эту просьбу увидели ?

    How exactly do we need to support this idea? How exactly can it be highlighted in order for developers to see this request ?

  • Thasan

    RuGeneraL: You can vote this feature by upvoting the first post, right below follow/unfollow button

  • Vikutaurus

    Would be cool, tho these servers work fine usually. Even for me in Lapland.

  • RobYEET

    Did anyone figure this out? i still have this problem

  • itay347

    This issue is still occuring.

    I start a private call and the region is automatically set to Russia, but we have better connection to Europe, so we have to change it to Europe every call.

    It's getting really annoying... Let us choose the default region!

  • DanTen

    I agree, I am living in Ukraine and talking to Poland or Hungary and it automatically changes the region to Russia, and it's super annoying, not only is it laggy, but just inappropriate >:(


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