Ability to hide specific verified games


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  • CognacWine

    +1 or maybe add a priority option so if i have two programs open it will display the top priority one. I have Synergy open at all time to share my mouse and keyboard and the status shows me playing with it 24hrs a day.

  • Rainbowsaur

    +1 still waiting for this privacy feature. 

  • shadow1w2

    With Nitro Games and the game news feed we had the ability to do just this but it was a little haphazard.
    There was another window and we could just toggle the game off from displaying.
    Why not in the game activity window in settings I dunno but now that its removed it's sorely missing again and we are back in the same boat.
    I just turn off game activity for good, it's too much trouble if I can't do something so basic as hide some games or applications.
    Aseprite a pixel art painting tool and other tools, some games I use all day just for chatting with certain groups, sometimes I just don't want anyone to know I'm playing a certain game so I'm not hounded for multiplayer.
    There's some other threads too that have ideas for a game priority and a per server/user hiding list.
    Me I just want to disable my tools and one or two games from being shown off so my multiplayer games are shown to advertise to other players that we can join up and play.

    Just bizarre that we kind of had it and I thought they were listening though it was piggy backed off the Nitro Games but now its gone and so is that feature.

    Time to overhaul the game activity feature Discord. We been asking for this for a long time now.
    Otherwise it might as well not be there as it's kinda useless when it displays the wrong game or my darn tools.
    More so when trying to stream via Discord and it picks the wrong game or my darn tools instead of the game I want to show since it uses the same detection system.

  • TheHikerAndrew

    I want this.

  • Widget

    It's 2020 and this simple privacy feature still isn't a thing? It's  been requested for years back. I want to display most of the games I'm playing, but there are some games, and apps that are registered that I don't want displayed. My only option is to not use game activity at all?

  • Please... I use Facerig for streaming with an Avatar not the game I am playing. It's annoying every time I troubleshoot my camera Discord keep switches back to Facerig.

  • ihatecheez

    There still is no solution to this????

  • Dan

    The ability to block other games we play while in a current game has been requested for years.  Reading  the requests over the years makes it obvious you have no intention of doing it. SAD.



  • Faded Warrior

    Maybe if we all keep commenting on this Discord will listen to us eventually... In the mean time I pretty much have been constantly flipping the game activity switch on and off. At least they have that switch I guess

  • corgi

    We really need this feature, I don't want my friends to know I'm an epic ROBLOX gamer..

  • kimberly

    It is insane that this isn't a feature yet given that the alternative (constantly adjusting display currently running game toggle) is completely possible. Please discord.

  • Recursion

    I will mention (as one of the original purveyors of this thread) that I brought this up with Discord Support on Twitter a little while back and they said they've pushed it up the chain, but it's likely something like entry 441 on a 1000s-long Trello board. I believe that they've pushed it up into the awareness of the proper team to assign this feature to be implemented, but it is definitely one of those quality-of-life things that seems unapparent in relation to other quality-of-life features we love. I wouldn't say give up hope, please, keep the comments rolling in to show Discord this thread is still *very much* alive, but let's try not to get hostile/demeaning in here. Above all else, we should respect the developers who work their asses off to get us a no-compromise, free service.


  • ponf

    damn, i originally made this request so i could play roblox without people knowing but at least i know other people want this feature too

  • Jody

    Every single time they update, the update list is full of both minor and major features I care nothing about, and certainly far less than this issue. I understand my priorities aren't the same as everyone's, but the instant a competitor gets some decent core functionality, if they address this issue then I'm going to be pushing hard for my friend groups to drop Discord, and definitely Nitro.

  • 🌸Peachy

    its really annoying they havent put this in yet, im so sick of god damn nox player hogging my status because i use it to play azur lane... hello discord are you even there??? 

  • MizManTheFryingP🍳

    Seconded. Why is an app like Soundpad even verified on this? I just want to have a soundboard for laughs with my friends while I play something but it decides that Soundpad is more of a game than League or whatever it is I'm playing and that's really dumb.

  • Faded Warrior

    @Recursion Thanks for contacting support and letting us know! Yeah, I'll keep commenting here haha. I just bought some music creating software and while I haven't started using it yet I expect discord to say that I'm playing it.

  • voper45

    Just gonna pop in to add another to the list wanting this feature. Have some audio programs that i keep running in the background for long amounts of time that discord saids i'm 'playing' that i'd love to hide

  • Beefster

    I will beat a dead horse here. I would love for it to *not* detect things like Aseprite.

  • Para

    While not ideal, what I'm having to do (until Discord realizes how much we want this feature!), I instead go into Settings > Game Activity, find the particular thing I don't want shown, and rename it.  It's essentially like using the custom status (though it adds "playing" in front of it), so just put Half-Life 3 as the name.  People will know it's a joke and not bug you :) (or, whatever, I set one of mine to "Taco Madness")

  • Varstahl

    I wouldn't mind it if at least it worked, but no, it has to detect Aseprite, the android emulators I use for work, and when I leave a software open it completely ignores the actual fullscreen multiplayer game that I'm playing. So long "rich presence". By the time I figure out that it's still showing some different type of software, I've already stopped playing…

    What they did with game detection is so arbitrary…

  • Tusk

    Yeah, it constantly recognizes VR apps as well, SteamVR, fpsVR, OVRToolkit, LIV, a flag to hide specific apps would be good.

  • Meyssam

    Please include that, I'm waiting so long for this.

  • Tama-K

    Yes ! Please include this feature !

    Keep up the good work, discord is a great app ! :)

  • BajungaDustin

    This has been requested for over 10 months and nothing? really? 

    this is really needed. The only alternative is to just hide everything. Thats lame. 

  • 🌸Peachy

    dude theres a request for this on the reddit from august 2018, and they STILL havent implemented it. I suspect they get paid by a developer for verification status with the assurance that whoever pays will get their program featured permanently in a users status, for free advertising, & thats why you cant turn something off without turning everything off

  • Bodhbh Dearg

    I've turned off Game Activity because it *is* a privacy concern... I do NOT need them to show I am playing Synergy (when actually I am using the keyboard and mouse sharing tool). How can it be verified if it isn't the actual correct executable? That tells me 'verified' isn't actually verified at all!

    As not all "games" I play are the actual games, I sometimes get Game Activity to show some pretty questionable titles as a game I was playing, just because the executable NAME is similar? Talk about reputation damaging stuff here!

  • chossenger

    This is a bit of a PITA.

    Discord is incorrectly recognising Altium (a CAD package) that I have open most of the time as Elsword (some game I've never even heard of), but there's no way to tell Discord that it's flat out wrong, or even disable the activity detection for it.

  • rvcjew

    I also have the issue with using synergy mouse software and yet it thinks i'm playing a half life mod. I mean if it wants to verify it just has to look at the hashes or even dlls the exes are trying to hook that would show its not the same app, so frustrating. A simple way to just blacklist certain exe files would be enough.

  • Trash

    It seems that anything I launch through Steam shows in my activity; even tools. And I'd rather it didn't show the more questionable games that I play. I make it a habit to close Discord at the end of the day because of this and often forget to start it when I start playing multiplayer games.


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