Spoiler Tag Role Permission


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  • purpzie

    Don't worry, people are just using it a ton since it's relatively new. Also, moderators being able to automatically see spoilers revealed is already a thing 👍

  • HG

    What if instead, individual users could just disable spoilers?

  • Lamp

    That feature has already been implemented:

  • ayymaotv

    Lamp, that is not the same feature.

  • Lamp

    Oh @hugoetv I was replying to @HG

  • Nicholas Sheed

    I have not had that problem arise in my Servers. But, this idea would be a great, and necessary addition to the permissions page. Similar to the “External Emojis” permissions where you can block the use of emojis that are not from your Server. You would be able to block the use of spoiler tags just like the “External Emojis” permission.


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  • Torbjörn

    A permission and per-channel toggle (client sid—like muting a channel) would be nice. I often find people putting *everything* in spoilers for no reason but at the same time I would like them in certain channels. Maybe a channel setting that forces everything to be a spoiler would be more appropriate.

    I’d also like the idea of toggling spoilers for messages that weren’t sent by me. If something that is actually a spoiler is posted the only option is to delete it and if I want it reposted I would have to post it. Not ideal since to some it looks like I am stealing content or credit for the content.


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