Add the ability to search for specific files by their name.


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  • FailerV1

    At least, the ability to search for files by type, like audio or images, or specifically like .mp3 or something, would also be useful

  • npgy

    You actually can search by type. Currently you can search for a file type of either sound, video, image.

  • FailerV1

    Oh, wait, what? How?

  • FailerV1

    Figured it out, you type "has:" in the search bar and "image", "video", and "sound" are options there

  • JasmineHere

    I use Discord to coordinate with my team about an audiodrama we're working on and the more files we need, the harder it gets to find anything now.

  • Pure Paradox

    I can agree completely. Currently, there is no method of specific file-searching without implementation of a bot, which can generate cluttered workspaces or servers when they are dedicated to file posting. Files have a name and format, so we can't we search that?

  • slaurent

    This is something I would also love to see

  • CarcinogenZ


  • dhrumilp15

    I made a bot for this! You can search files by filename and I've implemented most of discord search's features (author, channel, before / after / during, message content) + more like file type!  


    Add it to your server with this link:

    (Also please let me know if there are bugs!! Feel free to leave an issue on the Github page or message me at dhrumilp15#4369)


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