We need overlay for webcam!


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  • Periwinkle

    YES! I want this so bad! I'd be amazing for an overlay for games like Tabletop Simulator or other online tabletop RPG games that don't have web camera's available!

  • peacockdreams29

    Listen to these guys! ☝️ Please give us web cam overlay for games like Tabletop Simulator, it's the only thing missing atm, having to look elsewhere for cam overlay.

  • Soulox

    I was just about to make a post on this! I want to play games while seeing my friends' webcams off discord.

  • zlanich

    Yes please!

  • peacockdreams29

    My friends and I, as well as another group I know from work, have now moved to using Zoom so we can see each others' faces when we play D&D on Tabletop Simulator. That's a real shame because I want to support Discord - the client is great otherwise! ☹️


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