Back button on Android


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  • davfsa

    This is already a feature, you can edit the action of the back button Settings>Behavior under Back Button Drawer Behavior

  • Fiddybux

    Good effort for pointing that out!  It helped me.  Thanks.

    I think it would be helpful if the option was renamed to something simpler like "Back Button Doesn't Quit", rather than as it currently stands in SETTINGS > BEHAVIOUR ("Back button opens channel drawer").

  • asslyn

    Ufff, I had the same issue! Thank u! (Why not make it default ;-;)

  • MathiasTCK

    Thanks! But if I hit it twice it should still quit. Spamming back should always quit everything.

  • Caspaw Cwew

    Thanks, that was making me nuts!

  • geek_teach™

    This setting went away! Why? Oh why? (Default opens the tray now, but if the tray is open and you press back, it closes the app)

  • Krylar

    Agree with geek_teach. Having the option to use the back button to toggle between tray/chat was my favorite feature of Discord vs other chat apps. I could just use the Home button to exit the app.

    Also, I discovered that with the option set, I could double-tap the back button to get to the channel quick switcher, which saved a lot of time and actions.

    Please bring back the option!

  • PPlank

    Yeah this REALLY sucks. I've spent the last 3+(?) years using the back button to change to another channel and now it just closes the app. It's driving me nuts. We ALREADY had a way to close Discord and now we have another. *sigh*

    I'm off to change my Google Play review to one star.

  • MathiasTCK

    It frustrates me a lot when hitting back DOESN'T just undo my last navigation action, but takes me 2 or 3 steps back. Especially for apps that super slow to reopen / reload.


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