Implement newest version of Opus (v1.3)



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  • its a piano guy


  • Garrett Myers

    I wholeheartedly agree! I use Discord to collaborate with other music producers when writing a song together. We both can work on the same project file on our own computers, while screen sharing our software and routing our audio through discord to each other. We can easily bounce ideas back and forth, and it allows for collaboration with people I couldn't easily meet in person with. The frustrating thing is that we can only hear each other in mono.

    If Discord could transmit in stereo, and at a little higher quality, it would be a FORMIDABLE tool for music producers to work with each other remotely!

  • olavrbi

    Version 1.3.1 is the newest now, with some bugfixes.,117526.msg970340/topicseen.html
    "I'm happy to announce Opus 1.3.1. It is a minor release that fixes an issue with the analysis on files with digital silence (all zeros), especially on x87 builds (mostly affects 32-bit builds). It also includes two new features:
    * A new OPUS_GET_IN_DTX query to know if the encoder is in DTX mode (last frame was either a comfort noise frame or not encoded at all)
    * A new (and still experimental) CMake-based build system that is eventually meant to replace the VS2015 build system (the autotools one will stay)"

  • olavrbi

    The OPUS_GET_IN_DTX introduced in v1.3.1 might be interesting for Discord. 

    jmvalin @ hydrogenaudio (one of the main developers) states that (link):
    "This is only useful is you're writing a VoIP/videoconferencing application and you've asked Opus to stop transmitting when there's no speech."

  • skx

    I'd like to tack on. I'm having to use Teamspeak instead of Discord because of this!

  • Squarto

    Any update on this?

  • mannie.exe

    Also see: for just stereo compatibility, but that would really go hand-in-hand with this topic as well. Somebody else can correct me on that if that is not the case.


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