Feature request: hotkey for switching between Voice Activity and Push to Talk


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  • espen

    Hey stormblade282,

    You can do this by going to "Keybinds" in your App Settings and adding a new keybind to the action "Toggle VAD."


    If this is not the function you are looking for, please clarify, and I will try to help you further.



  • Yoseppy

    Alternate implementation:

    Have the existing Push to Talk keybind override the mute status, so that a user can press the Toggle Mute keybind, and then use the push to talk keybind when in Voice Activity mode.

    Either implementation would work and I 100% agree that it is needed.

  • symetik

    THIS THIS THIS!!!! Ive been wanting something like this ever since I started using Discord years ago....... PLEASE GUYS! This is so simple to add but would add so much to the functionality for competitive game play. 

  • groovywhitedog

    I agree, we absolutely need this. Will we ever get it? Probably not, even though it seems pretty common sense.

  • Varil

    Would realy love this. I am usually playing with voice activation on, then my wife and kid comes home and realy dont want to annoy my teammates and would love to swap to PTT, at the moment i have to alt tab and go to settings and then get back to the game.


    Could get rid of the wife but the kid will take several years ..

  • Kuro

    I just did a google search to solve literally the same scenario.

    If this was implemented, simply a toggle push to talk, it would help me both in ff14 and overwatch. Callouts during complex/intensive play and button presses makes it extremely difficult to communicate and execute commands at the same time.

    Something for this would help a lot

  • Blood Awaits

    This basically already exists, you just need to define a keybind for "Toggle Mute". Then keep Voice Activity on, and use the Toggle Mute keybind instead.

    See this link for further details: https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/217083547-How-do-I-add-different-Keybinds-

  • Varil

    Doesnt work when half the channels require PTT on on the discord i mainly use. Keybinding would help a ton so wouldnt need to alt tab to discord -> open settings -> click either the PTT or voice activation button. Is a working workaround most of the time though.

  • gfcpinto

    Why is this taking so long to be implemented?? =(( The use case scenario is explained and there are a lot of voice channels in which we are only allowed to talk with PTT. A toggle PTT would make life so much easier since we have to go in and out of these channels so many times in the day T-T

  • Gutur McGermot

    A toggle PTT alone wouldn't help with my scenario(s), sadly, bc of what ppl already said about channels requiring PTT.

    Why not just be able to have both active at the same time, with PTT being of higher priority? PTT closes and opens the mic in general and when opened just run incoming audio through the VA module, problem (mostly) solved :P

    If ppl could additionally bind a key to switch PTT on and off Disc would be on par with other voice systems like TS and such.

  • gfcpinto

    I found the option on keybind settings.. it's called Toggle VAD. You can use a hotkey to toggle between voice activity mode or pusth to talk.
    During VAM your push to talk key is deactivated and you can talk normally.
    During PTT mode it enables the PTT key and there it is.

    Wonder why no one from their team could just come here and explain this.

  • Gutur McGermot

    @gfcpinto: Besides that I'd have to use two keys, I would want one trigger to switch the behavior, that doesn't help in channels which are set to ptt. But I see how I could tinker something with keymacros that'd mimic very closely. Still, why is there no hotkey for ptt _and_ when ptt is on/talk still filter the mic through va? tbh I think it's kinda odd that that seems to be more dev works then just chaining existing modules in an additional way...

  • gfcpinto

    @Gutur yeah, you'd have to press two keys.. I currently use them on F6 (Toggle VAC) - F7 (mute Mic) and F8 (Mute all), and X to ppt.

  • Ves/Red

    @Gfcpinto, @CA mentioned the VAD a year before you did. Actually they mentioned it before all of these comments. PS I was doing a yahoo search to find this very thing as well. Just happened to be the first search I found and to top it, it was answered as the first reply to the issue.

  • wibe

    AutoPTT has hotkeys for switching between different activation modes. It will also let you use voice activation on channels or games that require push-to-talk because it presses the key for you. 


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