Bahasa Melayu for User Setting Localization


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  • joehann1988

    I think Malay language is a need. Because Malaysia is one of the country with the variety background of gamers.

  • amirzayyanid

    Malay language localization would be a good way to boost the number of user in the named countries and make it more easier for the already-user to recommends it to others; especially Malaysia which has a big community of gamers there.

  • Budi Arianto

    Agreed. Discord berhubung nice but some options i dont understand. It because great help if Malay support have.

  • SNN95

    Agreed with Rick Wong! Because Discord is so easy to use, even the elder uses it too, it is a good move to localize it to make sure the elder can understand the full function of Discord. And yeah some of the guys in North Indonesia and South Thailand are not fully understand in English, so this is a wise move to do so.

  • Liroquois

    Good idea dear rick. Discord is rich in its diversity, and this diversity will be further enhanced by having a largely spoken language as the malay as one of its core languages.

  • LucisNoctircus

    Absolutely agree with what Rick is suggesting. Malaysian community on discord has been increasing drastically over this past few months. I myself, a Malaysian, has been using discord since a very long time ago (before discord was even famous) because it is much much better as a medium of communication.

  • JamesJ


  • Azerian

    Will this help Kittistan to become more powerful?

  • kimi

    Aku setuju sangat

  • Rick Wong

    @Azerian Yes, Harimau Malaya can finally roar in the Discord channel hehe.

  • Muhammad Aliff

    I agree. It needs Malay localization. Should be very good for this region.

  • Vindicta

    As much as I disagree with you on everything else, this idea is a good one. Martabatkan Bahasa Melayu!

  • Rick Wong

    Discord article for Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu is made! Created by SNN95#2510

  • Admiy

    Setuju dengan usul ini.



  • DagangNestapa

    I agree. It's needed.

  • ceball🐾

    I agreed with that. Now, many people that use Bahasa Melayu use discord for communicate each other. It also can attract more people that use Bahasa Melayu use discord as one of their communication platform.




  • Giftwise

    Usaha yang terbaik bro 👍🏻

  • Izington

    i agree with this

  • Brendan Boman

    The Malay language is one of the most-spoken languages in the entire world. In fact, many games and platforms have been offering Malay localisation. The quickest example I could find at the moment would be the Age of Empires series, where their games Age of Empires II and III: Definitive Edition both offer active Malay localisation, meaning that after every minor update and with every small announcement, a Malay translation for each and every string is prepared.

    In most cases, Malay is used not only for Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore, but is also used for the entire Indonesian community. One of ModDB's most popular mods, Wars of Liberty (ranked 8th place in the 2019 Mod of the Year Award, currently within the top 100 in the stil ongoing 2020 Mod of the Year Award), is another example of that, where their developers will be providing a Malay localisation for the game for both Malay-speaking countries and Indonesian-speaking countries, as Indonesian speakers would be able to understand Malay. The same actually goes to Age of Empires II and III: Definitive Edition, where for both games, they offered the Malay localisation for the purpose of spreading the game to the Indonesian community.

    It would be greatly appreciated if Discord can provide Malay localisation for the application across all devices, and I'm sure it would help a lot of people, from Singapore to Indonesia, and from Brunei to Malaysia.


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