Request: more specific notification settings


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  • Bludra

    I'd like to be able to set different sounds for different servers\channels.

  • ChristineEponine

    I'd like to mute notification sound without blocking notifications all together

  • thataltnoneknow

    Do you mean individually or overall christine? As it looks like you can do that already for general notification settings

  • ChristineEponine

    I mean overall. From what I've found (and I've been looking into this for a bit now, but I still could have missed it) you can only mute the volume while also blocking visual notifications. If there's a way to keep the visual without the audio notifications, I would really appreciate hearing it.

  • thataltnoneknow

    I haven't tested it but there is an option to turn off the sound in notification settings

  • Dirtroad

    I agree. Specifically, I'm looking for a way, in the mobile app, to change the notification sound to something other than my system default sound. In addition, I would like to disable the vibration.

  • Yoshi Element

    I agree. I have a close friend who is really hard to access without a phone. He keeps Do Not Disturb mode on all the time due to a few specific people who misuse pings/DM's.

  • Optional

    I'm typing this post to voice a complaint that many moderators, admins, community leaders, and tournament organizers of multiple servers have regarding server notification settings.

    Primarily, this complaint revolves around the red "1" notification you see on a server.

    The desired settings result is:

    Not to receive a red 1 or sound notification for "everyone" and "here"
    Not to receive a red 1 or sound notification or white circle status for any new messages on the server
    Not to receive a red 1 or sound notification for any new events added on the server
    Not to receive a red 1 or sound notification for any "@s" of your name including replies
    Only receive a red 1 notification for ROLE MENTIONS (no sound)

    The options we only have are have are:

    No sound, red 1 notification for direct name "@"
    No sound, red 1 notification for direct reply with "@" toggled ON
    No sound, red 1 notification for direct role "@"

    ALSO, when you "reply" to a user or a user "replies" to you WITHOUT ping on, it is not moved to MENTIONS. It should still show up as a "reply" somewhere! Otherwise the reply thread is completely lost. To me it logically makes sense that it should still be seen somewhere without notification or ping sound!


    Consider the following example: If a user with a moderator role on a server selects "suppress all roles and mentions" as a moderator then they will not receive a sound or a red 1 for any pings at all!

    There needs to be more options. Having no sound is already easy to configure, but why do we still have to get constant red numbers piling up when you don't want to see replies or direct ping "@"s? People often "@" a moderator name DIRECTLY instead of the role. We want to ignore the direct "@" name mention at all costs, including replies, and only receive notification of the ROLE ping.


    Add the option to suppress specific server role notifications (no red 1)
    Add the option to suppress all pinged reply notifications (no red 1)
    Add the option to suppress all @"username" notifications (no red 1)


    Please consider adding the feature of the way direct replies with "ping off" are received, such as placing them into the inbox under MENTIONs - or make another space for it.



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