Mute icon on users while in a voice chat should be more bold/noticeable


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  • potato

    Have been having the same issues as of yesterday. In a recent update the transparency or opaque background on the "muted" symbol next to my name must've been changed because it is INSANELY hard to see right now. I kept talking cause I thought my mic was unmuted but the transparency on the overlay just made it impossible to see whether or not I was muted

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  • Eskimos

    same thing!! very hard to see your micro on/off while playin! make it white again pls!

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  • Systematical

    This, 100%. I mute myself to not be annoying on discord when I'm talking to my 2 viewers on stream, and while I used to be able to glance to the side to check that I'm muted, it's extremely hard to do that now. I have to spin my in-game camera around until I find a consistently-colored-enough background to be able to see whether or not I have the mute icon.

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