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  • HoneyComb

    Technically there is a mark as read option. You have to go to the server you want to mark all as read, press and hold on it, and then click the mark as read option. For DM's however, you can only mark as read when you get a notification of a DM. Unfortunately, I don't believe there is any other way to mark DM's a viewed other than actually viewing it.

    Hope that helped!

  • AaronLycanUWw

    This doesn't work for me on my Google Pixel 3a


  • CTS_Æ

    Seems to be missing now? I used to be able to do this, now I'm not seeing it anymore 🤔

    Edit: okay, soooo I think on PC I can do this, but on mobile since I have the unread channels in a muted category it's no longer showing that option on that server, but it does show for the other servers. There is no unread marker on the server, but I still wanted to clear the unread channels easily at once.


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