Show Game Activity On Website


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  • Unactive

    You do realize that requires having your browser logging every application launched and giving those private informations to a random webpage, here being Discord? I don't think this is possible, in fact I hope it isn't.

  • Zenshu

    It really wouldn't REQUIRE the browser to log applications. They could just give you the option to manually input something into an activity field (ehich you can already do on the desktop client) and not have it auto detect games. Logging of all applications would only be required if they wanted to make the browser and/or mobile apps also automatically detect and display any game your playing. Personally I wish they would add this at least to the mobile app so I could assign myself a "game activity" status depending on where I am or what I'm doing so people would know if I was busy or available to join in a game.

  • Unactive

    You cannot set a status ("Playing ...") when using the Discord Client in browser.

    But that's normal, the desktop app can spy on the currently active process on your computer and then say what you're doing.

    The purpose of the status isn't being manually set to whatever you want, but to what you're doing, with sometimes a little edit required. A webpage cannot know what's going on in your computer, and that's a GOOD thing.

  • Craze

    You could do it do a custom game with a timer. it wouldn't have to log apps!


    Craze Exactly 


  • We need it tho in discord website cuz i cant download discord in my pc so yeh fair 


  • Robesprierre

    I need it

  • I agree to KittieKattz i always wanted to tell everyone what i'm doing or listen together with them using yt music


  • Ryan Evans

    I absolutely agree with your suggestion! Adding a feature to show Game Activity on the Discord website would be a fantastic addition. It would provide more flexibility for users who prefer to access Discord through the website rather than downloading the desktop app. Not everyone has the option or preference to download additional software, so having this feature directly accessible on the website would be a great convenience. Similar to approach of providing options to enhance the user experience, Discord could consider implementing these features to cater to a wider range of users. 

  • Brahim Diaz

    Adding a feature to display Game Activity on the Discord website and mobile platforms could indeed enhance the user experience for those who prefer not to download the desktop app or are unable to do so. By making Game Activity accessible across different platforms, Discord would cater to a wider audience and provide more flexibility for users to engage with their gaming communities. This could foster greater interaction and enjoyment within the Discord ecosystem, ultimately benefiting both Discord and its users.




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