Secure password for opening discord


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  • altcode

    Do you mean just for Discord, in addition to your entire phone's lock? You want two locks on your phone? 


    If you're concerned with safety, you can opt to manually log out each time you want to leave the app. It seems a little redundant to add another layer of password when your account already has one for logging in / out and you can lock your phone.


    You can also enable two-factor authentication, which is like what you are requesting. Another password/code to log in with.

  • beep

    how do i get my other account back bc when i put the gmail in google say is not my account but it is but idk the password and it wont let me change it to. so i have to use this account tho

  • Aittoff

    The 2FA will get sent to the phone. So if someone has the phone they can get the code to open Discord so that isn't the same as having a code to get in.

    If the app had an option to Auto Logout on Exit, then that could be an option. Yet, having to manually go into the menu scroll down and click logout every time closing the app is nit the same as having a code to open it.

    Just because you don't see a use for having a passcode for an app doesn't mean other people aren't in situations where such a thing could be helpful.

    I for one know several people which a passcode would be very helpful for and am surprised it isn't an option.


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