Add Individual User Permissions


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  • Priceless

    You can give a user a role, but not give it to anyone else so that just they have it. You can also make it not show in server list or anything except if someone clicks on their profile they'll see it in their role list.

  • username
    I don't really see how this is useful.You can do this per-channel, and if you really wanted, you could make a role for each permission and assign the roles depending on what permissions you want a user to have.
  • Orpheus

    It would definitely be useful for what I need to do, as I want users to have access to invisible channels without the other users knowing it...

  • Bacon1684657

    A month later, but...

    This only works if most people on your server have a role:

    - Create a role (Role B) with the same permissions as another role (Role A) that your target users already have

    - Allow Role B to use/see the invisible channels

    - Give Role B to your secret users, and remove Role A from them

    - Modify Role B to be visually identical to Role A (this should be done last, so that you don't confuse A and B)

    This doesn't work if you have users displayed separately by Role A, because your secret users will be sorted separately.


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