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  • dodo

    Hey guys, I have a life hack for you!
    Get into a call, go to your settings, then Discord, then disable the microphone (your call should stop), and toggle it again: then go back to your discord call and tada, callkit is disabled! (But you’ll have to do it again in the future…)
    And I think Discord should just remove callkit because it’s really annoying to have the call at the lockscreen

  • Modern

    Yes please the new style not only makes connecting more difficult, takes up battery, and makes sync to car systems next to impossible it makes calling just plain inconvenient. Please get rid of this awful awful feature or at least let us turn the thing off

  • Anna

    Agreed to have make the callkit optional...

    I just send a email to the team asking if I can choose to disable the call on lock screen as I always need to keep the call connected over 10 hours. I need to close the call on lock screen manually every time when I want to use other apps on my phone (and keep Discord running at background). Due to the long calling time, I have to repeat and repeat again closing the call on lock screen..

    I understand this new feature may be useful for some other users but not for me, so just looking for an option allowing me to disable it.

  • big brain

    Yeah. I’m in the middle of something and they call me, and I’m thinking it’s my mom or something but it’s not. It’s my friends stupid dm group chat with a stupid name like eat nuts

  • Crypid

    Callkit is such a huge problem. It drains my phone battery even when plugged in, I can’t lock my screen, and if I’m in a call when an alarm is supposed to go off it simply won’t. My call history is clogged up with so many calls from screennames and it’s hard to keep track of the calls I DO want to be there. It would be such a gift if this got fixed

  • Anatomis (Perfect)
    Yeah. Good idea. +1
  • shan

    there definitely needs to be the option to toggle it

  • Cujo

    I support this request for an option to toggle the callkit on and off. Since the update I have found the callkit to be rather frustrating.


    I can be in a DM call for hours or up to an entire day and night. I have to manually hang up to be able to receive an incoming call or to make a call (previously the call would remain separate from cellular calls and run in the background with the app). Unlocking my phone is now a huge struggle based on luck, a game of 'How many times do I need to press the lock button to get my screen to light up'. 


    When in a DM call and my phone is locked I receive no Discord notifications whatsoever. When I receive a regular text message, my screen may light up showing the DM call but will not show the message. Alarms are another thing, sometimes they go off as normal when my phone is locked, other times they will not sound until I unlock my phone after the alarm was supposed to go off. So now I can't trust whether my alarms will happen or not.


    The callkit has some merit however functionality with the operating of my device has decreased dramatically with this update and I really hope a toggle can be implemented and the multitude of bugs we're all now facing be fixed. 

  • 𝘬𝘴𝘢𝘬𝘶

    WE NEED THIS! I get LOUD phone calls that are very unnecessary during work! I want to have discord on my phone, but I need the option to disable the call kit option!

  • BeastiGirl

    Enough with this crap. Why do I need these calls recorded?! Remove the callkit, Discord!

  • I actually didn't even know callkit was the cause of all my problems until a support rep got back to me and told me. The devs of the iOS version of the app neglected to include the callkit update info. in the in-app changelog. It only appeared in the app store updates. Not sure if that's been fixed since.

    I personally experienced bizarre clicking sounds which could be heard by my s/o on the other end of my call, which would happen if i tried to lock my phone with the callkit "app" running. (Yes, callkit opens a secondary app instance according to my app switcher.) I have to leave my phone unlocked to keep the callkit "app" from opening. The phone's auto-lock is also disabled by this callkit api integration when discord calls are running. The failure to auto-lock, and having to intentionally leave the phone unlocked to prevent the callkit "app" from opening ended up draining a lot more battery than normal usage. 

    This callkit integration, in its current state, essentially breaks my car's bluetooth connectivity for discord calls, and it sounds like it has done the same to others. I have also since learned that callkit will cause further issues while attempting to use the normal phone app with a discord call running. I personally considered automatically putting discord calls on hold when calling a number from the phone app and automatically reconnecting after the call ended to be a very nice feature to using discord calls.

    My s/o lives in an area with terrible phone reception and poor landline quality, so we have been using discord calls as a convenient way to keep in touch. We'd have a call every night when I'd drive home from work. The inconveniences the callkit app has caused me are frustrating and have detrimentally impacted my routine with my s/o.

    I sincerely hope that the iOS devs add ways to toggle the callkit features, including being able to disable it entirely, as well as streamline and fix all these existing problems with the current iteration of discord's callkit integration.

  • Please make it possible to disable this.. it’s the most annoying thing ever, I stay in long discord calls and I can’t use my phone when in a call now because of this.

  • Ease

    please god

  • El

    We need an option to disable this.

  • Sammyy

    Call kit feature is awful. I wish I could revert.

  • Chex Mix

    Please. I'm in multiple dm groups and they constantly call when I'm not online.


  • Ease

    so many people have requested this, it's wild that it's not here yet

  • DireWolf

    This is so intrusive, and I want to be able to turn it off

  • michelle

    It’s annoying how anyone can call you and interrupt whatever you’re doing by the call showing up on ur screen. We need a way to disable it. Not even by turning notifications off can fix it. It’s so intrusive

  • TGIFriedEggs

    If anyone at my former developer EVER approved such a boneheaded update AND forgot to add it to the change logs, they would be fired on the spot.

    What kind of show is discord running? Even Skype lets you disable callkit.

  • Row1012

    What’s the ETA on them reverting this atrocious update or fixing it?

  • KaraMarx

    Well i like the new update, also i can finnaly see how much i call with people etc.
    I think it is a cool update but they should add settings for people like you that want this disabled.

  • thetechguy
    yeah it is really annoying.
  • smurg

    I like how my entire phone screen gets taken over for calls I receive from a muted group chat. I guess the mute feature is just there for kicks?

  • Im Slowest

    I don’t feel like they’re paying attention. I see this thread has been going a while and in between there’s already been a major update. It is absolutely infuriating that I get discord DM calls the same way I get normal phone calls and can’t turn it off. There are so many times where I’m driving and get a phone call. Look at my car’s screen and it always manages to screw up and I know it’s discord. Great. Now my car’s Bluetooth function is buggy and I can’t resume my music or podcast without looking at my phone. I love using discord on my phone and iPad, but if calls are going to be this way without being able to turn them off, I don’t care anymore. I just want something that’s not obtrusive and that doesn’t screw up Bluetooth devices. Even if muting a DM’s notifications turned off call kit for the one DM I wouldn’t care. The disturbing and intrusive notifications just need to be optional.

  • Spookboi

    I feel as if discord just doesn't care about it's own app at this point. This has been a huge annoyance for awhile now and I assume a lot of people have messaged discord about this issue but it just seems to me that they ignore it

  • Anna

    It has been THREE months since many of us are asking for the change / solution now...but sadly there is nothing new released rearding this problem...
    I really hope the callkit can be optional please...It is very disturbing.
    Besides, I keep receiving calls even when I turn the “do not disturb” mode on...very annoying...

  • altcode


    I think that it would make sense that CallKit should help battery life because regular phone calls generally do not have as much battery strain as Discord pre-CallKit calls. However I think it's important to note that when using CallKit alone on regular phone calls there are other things contributing to battery life in a cell data phone call:

    1. Some phones default to shutting off data when on a phone call without Voice-over-LTE enabled or Wifi not connected. Significantly less connections = better battery life

    2. When running a regular phone call through CallKit, that is the only thing that is running. With discord and CallKit, I'm still using the same amount of data and battery power I would normally on Discord, but now my screen is more often turned on due to CallKit's management of the lock screen.


    Also, even with Voice-over-LTE enabled, you can still get a majority of your calls ending up on a regular cellular network and thus not taking as much battery power. 


    And again, this is all my experience and not related to how it should or shouldn't be working. 


    Besides all these points, the battery life isn't the only thing driving my vehement disdain for CallKit integration. Its merely a factor. :)

  • 𝕯𝖗.𝕲𝖗𝖎𝖒

    Please fix this I get calls in the middle of the night waking me up and I get up super early for work ruining my sleep please add a toggle switch it also kills my battery during the day

  • Mayo

    I'm sure alot of other user have experience the same and would say it gets old fast, especially when you're just trying to use discord.


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