callkit option for ios



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  • Ducky!

    I use discord to call people because I have STRICT parents so using discord is already secret enough and when I call people I don’t need that in my call log for my parents to see, I missed when you could call someone on discord and it wouldn’t show up in you phone call log, if there’s a way to toggle it off please show how cause the update says you can toggle the call kit but I still don’t know how it wasn’t specific it just says go to settings and I don’t even know what the call kit is

  • LordSpyx

    @Ellie Settings>Notifications>Integrate calls with Phone app.

  • Ducky!

    @LordSpyx all my phone shows me in notifications is the notifications option there’s no integrate calls option

  • Pascal

    It would be indeed a good option to have a toogle to disable fullscreen calls and only show a notification for it (maybe also a second toogle to only allow fullscreen calls for friends).

    But the battery thing shouldn’t be true at all, quite the opposite should happen. Using CallKit as a native framework should save some battery life because calls will be backgrounded.


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