Allow admin of servers to download the entire chat history of that server since it's creation


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  • thrasher alpha

    Would be excellent for natural language processing, specifically the lojban server.

  • Dogepenguin

    would be an actually great idea. All the data IS still there. You can scroll all the way back to it. Would be nice to archive conversations locally., even if stored in wonky plaintext.

  • Blue-Butterfly

    I think I made a suggestion asking for this some time last year. I think it'd be really useful especially for role play servers.

  • Captian-Cardshark

    Sometimes I have a roleplay with someone and I want a log of the chat transfered to a Document so I can re-read it offline of Discord. I have to mannually copy and paste the whole thing, sometimes losing text in the process and having to re-scroll back to where I was. *This would be so helpful!!!*


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