Make a "Ghost a user" feature


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  • thetechguy
    this is a great idea. discord should make this a feature
  • Kimyakimya

    If they were to notice it would probably be veery awkward.

  • LavaTime

    They wouldn't notice and if they were its my problem, but all of my friends never see I'm online because I'm always invisible because of that one friend

  • nickk

    A feature to use one someone you don't want to remove from your friends' list, but don't want to interact with or really notice.

    You could simply be mad at one person and don't want to deal with them, and just noticing them triggers you. Maybe it's an ex, but you don't want to burn a bridge, maybe the hostile feelings aren't mutual, and you just need to get away; you need them to kind of go away. 

    The ghost feature would set you and the other user as invisible to eachother, they can still type to you, but it won't pop-up in your open DMs the way muting someone still can, even if you don't receive a notification. You also wouldn't be able to talk to the person, just like in some channels where typing is disabled in a server. One would have to turn off the ghost, otherwise one could potentially out themselves. 

    I'm sure many might think the idea of ghosting is rude and unhealthy, but online, it's easy to come across people that can easily annoy you.. Let's all remember that shy people do exist.. and they don't know how to deal with obnoxiousness from people at times, while avoiding escalation.

    Think of ghosting as sending someone to timeout.

  • Bread_Bot_2

    Not a good idea


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