Support for mailto: links


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  • Panicakr

    When would this ever be useful?

  • QueueBot

    It'd be useful to link any email address so users don't have to copy the address and can instead just click on it.

  • Peter Boling (NPP)

    I need this feature in a directory channel that lists contact information of the mods.  It can be accomplished if Discord would start supporting standard Markdown hyperlinks.

  • HDL_CinC_Dragon

    I came here wondering if this had been requested before for exactly the reason QueueBot gave. In one of my professional servers we have less technically saavy members and having to copy an email address from a message on their iPhone and then figuring out how to paste that into their email client is pretty burdensome for them. Supporting the mailto format would be a very very nice QoL improvement for everyone, technically inclined or not.

    As far as supporting standard markdown, I completely understand why they don't. Far too easy to prey upon people by linking to something malicious while making it look like the link points to something harmless.


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