Emote/Emoji Sorting for mobile and PC


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  • Dann™
    Yeah, cool idea.
  • InsideDev

    On newer versions of mobile discord, the emoji list also now shows all of the emojis that you can't use, just like desktop. Which is annoying. Please change this back

  • Zaun Aura

    Emoji sorting should have been a day one thing.

  • almostsuspense
    absolutely necessary and collapse server in the emoji list too
  • I agree

  • aogasd

    At least the ability to rearrange which server's emotes show up at the top. I made a personal server to add own emotes but i need to scroll down a lot to reach it. Annoying.

  • Aki

    Where in the scroll list emoji appear depends on your server order. If you have 4 different servers with emoji you want to see first when scrolling, put them in a group (so it only takes up one slot) at the top of your server list on the left. It always shows your current server first, but after that shows them by your server order.

  • kayla

    Uhm please make his happen like be able to sort them like the channels. Be able to move them into an order that isn’t just complete chaos 


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