Let Server managers see deleted messages in audit log


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  • stormblade282

    I'd love this to be added, great idea!

  • Panda-Knight

    You can see who deleted the messages in Audit Log and you can add bots with Logs to see the content of the message

  • index.ts
    That partly removes the whole point of deleting messages; privacy.
  • Nightworker

    Possible with Bots

  • Cobalt

    I have an action log and have had an issue with my Admins deleteing things they have done they know are against the rules. (eg. the message log recorded one of them deleting a message made them, then deleteing the action log recording of it. Effectively leaving no trace. One even posted an offensive message and deleted it before I sae I check the log inly to see half of it before it being deleted, I cant punish them if there isnt any evidence)

  • kmecpp

    Yes we need this. It's not a privacy issue at all if you're only showing messages that were deleted by someone other than the original sender.

    Even it all deleted messages were recorded I don't think it should be a problem as that behavior that could easily be accomplished with a bot without the users knowledge.

  • dwighthm

    Please add this!


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