Fixing 2FA


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  • IHavePartsAndFPE

    I honestly don't know why this post is getting down votes, this is a good idea to fix the problems of lost accounts

  • Ada

    Lost my main account that i've had since 2016, it's had countless discord nitros and has multiple accounts linked into it. It's also still linked onto the original email and has the same phone number hooked up to it. But just because I don't have my 2auth codes they disallow me from recovering my account. You'd think having all that information would be enough to get your account back.

  • FstMario



    2FA is completely and utterly inept right now, it's impossible to get codes or have a QR link that remotely works. It's a broken system that simply allows people to be locked out of their accounts

  • Insane Proxy

    I feel like there should be a way for the original account owner to obtain their account back if they're requesting from the original email. It makes no sense to me that you can delete an account but can't recover it. I had to reset my tablet and the browser version keeps logging me out, so when I went to log in on my tablet I wasn't logged in anywhere. This feels so unfair, especially when I've been paying for Nitro for well over a year. At least they refunded my money for this month. Most other services have ways to fix this, why doesn't Discord? 

  • Clone

    I have a suggestion, what if an account that is inactive or not logged in in six months will be deleted.
    But, a month before will get a notification from the discord bot to ask the status of their account usage.
    I hope they eliminate 2FA for accounts that have been inactive for several months.

  • ENZO

    Clone Except that, you should very much blame Discord, because other services will take a glance at your purchase history (such as that of Nitro) or will understand that obviously if you're communicating from the email that the account is owned by, that you should be able to ask to get back in with a one-time password. It doesn't make sense how you can straight up delete an account with the email you use to sign-in, but not get back into it.

  • Train3r R3D

    i reply to the gmail and the supporter is not getting my main account back that i lost! the supporter sucks and wants my main account deleted idk whats wrong with supporters. that will be great idea!

  • foxehkins

    This same exact thing happened to me. I was so mad to have lost my original account and of course support couldn't help. Blizzard is great with verifying you if you aren't able to get into your account, but Discord doesn't even want to work with us in retrieving them. 

  • Clone

    I still hope my account returns.

    Everyone must have a screenshot of the code used to make 2FA, so if something bad happens, you only need to re-generate the code with the screenshot that you have.

    Unfortunately I do not.

  • Aludian

    Almost 2022, still holding out for a fix for legit account owners to get their Discord accounts back. Email backup codes, which were already generated, should be possible. Many other services allow the email on record to receive account access information. I can't imagine how many thousands of these unrecovered accounts are out there.

  • mazzystarred

    Discord should implement email verification for 2FA lockout recovery methods.

    The authentication app linked to my account had an update and it removed all user data - now tell me how that is MY FAULT? None of the backup codes would work and I assume it's cause it doesn't recognise my account at all.

    Discord already has their rigid policy and 'solutions' to this so I contacted the Authenticator app's devs and they pretty much said 'We can try investigating it, though it'll be unlikely to retrieve the data back. In such cases, all websites should have alternative ways to access the account such as through email recovery"


    So, now I'm just stuck and hoping Discord will implement email verification for 2FA lockout asap. It's actually so annoying when this could be done in a simple fix.

  • mazzystarred

    Here's a LOGICAL solution mentioned by some users previously.

    So first of all, this is what Discord offers if you're in a lockout:


    ❝ Unfortunately, we aren't able to remove two-factor authentication from accounts due to security reasons, and the only way you'll be able to regain access is if you saved the backup codes from inside Discord when you initially set up the two-factor authentication. If you don't have access to these codes, then you'll have to create a new account.

    On the other hand, if you're unable to disable the 2FA and you would like to permanently delete the account, could you confirm and explicitly tell me the registered email address that you want removed? I'lI be more than happy to get the process started for you. For example, you could respond by writing, "I confirm that I would like to delete the account associated with" depending on your email address.

    Note: We need to receive the account deletion request from the email address associated with the Discord account to protect our users' privacy and security. After we receive this confirmation, we can start the process manually which may take up to 15 days to complete. ❞


    From their current policy, there's a logical inconsistency - how does it make sense that users cannot access their account due to security reasons but they can have the ability to permanently delete their account through a simple email verification request?


    The same logic should follow with accessing your account back - sending an email verification for an account lost to 2FA. If the account is logged in within 15 days, then users can successfully gain access to their account again. However if it isn't logged in within 15 days of requesting an email recovery, then it would make sense that the account stays in a lockout. 

    Sounds logical enough I think.

    Devs make this happen cause it just makes sense. 

  • Lor Is Deleted

    you guys wanna know the weird thing? when you send email to the support team and the automated bot sends you a link to article about deleting your account you're actually logged into your lost account but only for that page for some odd reason. kinda sad that all this can be avoided by a simple link


  • sheppard1k

    if there a way to get your backup codes through email?

  • nyx²

    I recently lost access to my account because my laptop's registry got corrupted and it wouldn't boot up. In the end, I had to reinstall a fresh version of Windows and I lost all my files including the 2FA backup codes. I've had the account since 2018 and I've been quite active on many servers and I even owned a 1.4k server of my own. Furthermore, I had hundreds of people added who I felt I needed to keep in touch with. I'm willing to send a video showing my laptop and the email I'm signed into(which is linked to the account I lost) or anything along those lines. Discord seriously needs to fix this sooner or later as it's becoming a nuisance for tons of users.

  • Arsène Lupin

    Big brainer guys why can’t you just email us the 2fa backup code when we can’t log back In cause most people can log into there gmail easily

  • SeineMausiCakes💜

    Enzo l have said that same exact thing l completely agree with you

  • Skeppy8924

    I have the same problem. I Reseted my phone fully and lost my  Google Authenticator and I also lost my Backup codes. R.I.P Account

    This is my alt account, my Main is Skeppy 2.0#8618


  • Aru

    your guy's reasons for being locked out of an account is so much different than mine I didn't save any backup codes and I deleted the authenticator app I was using for whatever reason and at the time my friend wanted to use my phone to log into his account to tell his friends he'll be gone for a while since he was grounded and I forgot about my 2fa lol and my friend ended up getting his phone back like 30 minutes later, It's been 3 years and I'm still hoping to log back into it lol


  • Gabisa

    Discord You Really Have To Fix This!!! It Has Been 2 YEARS

  • heinley

    Happened to me a few days ago. I had my mobile and email linked. My phone got wiped, which also had my back up 2FA codes. I pleaded that I can prove I own the account, but they merely suggested to just get it wiped and deleted. I hope someday they realize there's a flaw in the 2FA procedures. Have us prove we own it better to get the 2FA removed. I tried "resend code" for my mobile several times after which suddenly, the number got removed from my account, thats just super unfair.

    My account was made since 2015, its almost 6 years old. All the messages, servers and etc gone....

  • EliteFury

    Discord should really fix this issue. Hoping that it would get fixed soon.

  • Ema

    Just got locked out of my own discord cuz I had to reset my phone and lost all data for my 2FA codes, I've been trying to reach out for proper help but they send the same copy pasted reply.

    It's a 4year old account and it's owner in a couple of servers, losing it permanently won't just damage my acc but the servers connected to it too :(

    Discord really needs to look into this nightmare of an issue, it's a frikin flaw in their system that clearly needs to be fixed really soon.

  • Nadir Sweezy

    New ways to cancel two-factor authentication by email, such as sending a text message with a verification code or 2FA recovery codes in an email

  • dannycookie


    There really needs to be more failsafe measures for this.

  • mazzystarred

    Discord, please stop touching the UI and actually take care of this never-ending 2FA lockout issue


    This is has been a problem for over 4 years and their refusal to do anything is proof that whoever is in charge of security is a stubborn mule. It is easier for me to recover access to my bank account with 2FA than it is for me to recover my Discord account. That's ridiculous. 

  • neon

    Fad3dM3mory you can disable 2FA on your desktop using a backup code (no dashes or anything). That way you should be able to log in to your app, it worked for me


  • godz

    Second account, other account had nitro that someone had bought for me. I had been using that account for 2 years. First time I have ever needed to use this account. I think this is a good idea. Upvote

  • Clone

    ENZO , I've given up asking for their help.
    Maybe you can have better luck getting your account back than me.

    Good luck.


    I'm curious about the private messages that was sent to me.
    Maybe people I know are mocking me secretly because I don't have access to my account anymore.
    If I have access back to my account, the private messages that have been sent to me will be a SURPRISE (for myself). 🎉🎊


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