Prune Feature but for Private Groups


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  • elsebas3167

    i don't see the point, a private chat is THAT, a private chat, no else can join, so people in there are there because you added them/ invited them to talk about something, so why would you invite someone inactive on Discord?

  • 🔥 Fuego Man 🔥

    Sorry, I guess I could have been more clear. Using the term prune definitely causes some confusion here.

    I didn't mean pruning users from a private call. I meant pruning the entire group from your private messages. A feature that would auto-leave any group chats that haven't been active as a whole is what I was referring to. People make these little break-away groups very often and pretty frequently people have to go through and leave each group individually.

    I know this is like the most minor of problems, but I just thought it would be a nice QoL improvement.


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