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  • well- i eat books

    bery good

  • divergent56

    Not sure if you real some are using discord because they can hide very easily and very quickly disappear or re form in another server/group. meaning some very dubious types out there could be using this system and I would suggest that rather than strengthening discord you look elsewhere.

  • Isy

    Hallo ich suche einen Developer der mir bei meinem discord server hilft

    ich gebe dem jenigen dann 1Mio discord geld also los geht es

  • ⭐vitor⭐

    Queria pedir pra vcs almentarem o tamanho dos emojes pois as vezes queremos colocar um emoje com texto mas nao da para ler absolutamente nada. E um pedido bem simples entao por favor vejam o q podem fazer.obrigado.

  • anishkhatri10

    Something to show to everyone

  • willia09

    This is great post and yes many people have read this post. I completely agree with your opinion.

  • alexjohn12

    I don't know if anyone is actually using the discord as they can hide your apk data very easily, disappear very quickly, or transform on another server / group. Keeping in mind that this system can be used in very suspicious types, it is advisable to look elsewhere so as not to exacerbate the discussion.

  • RubyDRaX

  • Joe’s_Alt

    I had new discord update that sets our server to community one and we need to give our phone number to confirm ourselves to be able to write or talk on voice channel but i cant cause when i type my phone number i receive a code its 10mins -2 hours too late and its invalid so idk if this can be fixed by them at all!

  • VanessaHuff

    Hey thanks for the super helpful reply. I'm not sure how I missed that thread I haven't quite mastered the search function on here.


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